Ryan Graham: Student Employee of the Month

The Students Centers is proud to announce our Student Employee of the Month for the months of December/January! Congratulations to Ryan Graham, Administrative Student Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs! Here are some of the things Ryan’s nominators said about him:

“Ryan Graham is one of the most professional student employees that I have ever worked with.  His work ethic is very high, and I believe that other student employees in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services look to Ryan as a leader and a role model.  He is a very reliable employee who strives to always stay ahead of the very robust demand in the Assistant Vice President’s area.”

Angela Allen, Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

“Ryan has been absolutely wonderful in helping those in Student Life and the Dean of Student’s office become familiar with the new Concur travel system.  He has personally trained everyone and has assisted with all of their questions.  Ryan is a huge asset to the team.  Always willing to help, always reliable, and extremely professional.”

Gil Lizalde, Department Business Administrator, Student Life and Dean of Students