Student Centers Recycle Roll Out

Eve Esch, Director of Student Centers

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Through the efforts of the Student Centers Sustainability and Recycling Committee, the University of Houston Student Centers unveiled 80 new recycling containers on Monday, October 24, 2016. The new recycling containers are located throughout the main hallways of the Student Centers. To kick-off the recycling initiative, the Student Centers is hosting a Recycle Roll Out near the Information Center in the lobby of the Student Centers South Building. Students will participate in a contest to toss a crumpled plastic bottle into one of the new recycling bins.

Each student will also be asked to pledge to be sustainable by placing their thumbprint on the #SCSUSTAIN poster. Participants will receive reusable silverware. To date, approximately 600+ students have pledged to be more sustainable. Along with this pledge, we asked students, faculty, and staff to use hashtag #SCSUSTAIN on social media to document their sustainable behaviors. In addition to the larger blue recycling containers, all event spaces and meeting rooms will contain smaller blue containers to collect mixed recyclables. The new recycling containers are single stream allowing for mixed recycling items.

Single stream containers allow for the collection of mixed recyclables into one recycling bin for easy collection. Clean paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, etc. will now be mixed in one container; thus simplifying the recycling efforts of all participants in the building. The housekeeping partner, MetroClean, has joined in the efforts of recycling. It’s important that items are clean (free from food, grease, moisture) to not contaminate the load.

The new recycling container will also be on display at the UH Sustainability Fest on Monday, November 7, 2016 at Butler Plaza from 11:30am – 1:30pm Other initiatives planned by the SC Sustainability and Recycling Committee include encouraging green supply ordering practices, green meetings, and an educational component through Lunch and Learns.

For additional information, please contact Eve Esch at 713.743.3040 or email