Student Centers

Eve Esch Director, Student Centers 713-743-3040
James Pettijohn Associate Director, Student Centers 832-842-6165
William Schwehr Assistant Director, Leisure Services 832-842-6198
Matt Sebby Assistant Director, Facilities & Operations 832-842-6266
Lauren Sposato Assistant Director, Events & Sales 832-842-6159
Beverly Garcia Manager, Facilities & Operations 832-842-6157
Lauren Ellzey Manager, Operations and Information Services 713-743-0213
Colin Adams Audio-Visual Services Manager 832-842-6147
Luke Parnell Media Services Coordinator 832-842-6163
Brandon Ferkel Media Services Coordinator  
Andrea Trevino Office Coordinator, Student Centers 832-842-6246
Cathy Cozine Reservationist, Conference and Reservation Services 832-842-6166
Keiry E. Lazo Reservationist, Conference and Reservation Services 713-743-3498
La Donna Hogan Secretary I 832-842-6154
Thomas Mohwinkel Program Coordinator, Leisure Services 832-842-6201
Jeffrey Scott Program Coordinator, Leisure Services 832-842-6202
Mehdi Tabakhtori-Fard Equipment Technician, Leisure Services 832-842-6199
Linda Rodriguez Event Services Coordinator 832-842-6168
Joseph "Joe" Steed Event Services Coordinator  
Cedrick Davis Event Services Specialist 832-842-6168
Christian Ramos Event Services Specialist 832-842-6168
Sigmound Thomas Event Services Specialist 832-842-6168
Manuel Cisnero Event Services Specialist  

Student Centers Marketing and Programs

Lawrence Daniel Director, Student Affairs IT Services & Special Programs 832-842-4845
Ashriel Dunham Marketing Manager 832-842-6262
Alicia Garcia Valero Manager, CreationStation 832-842-6200
Julian Cearley Graphic Designer 1, CreationStation 832-842-6200