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Strategic Enrollment Plan

The purpose of the strategic enrollment plan is to set specific and ambitious enrollment goals for the University of Houston, which will in turn shape associated enrollment practices in the areas of recruitment, admissions, and financial aid. Enrollment goals are based on the mission statements of the University, the President, and the Provost, as well as the unique market challenges understood in light of the University’s local, state, and national context.

The ideal strategic enrollment plan is an outgrowth of a collective process, informed by the needs and vision of faculty and staff. Accordingly, the University of Houston Strategic Enrollment Plan was developed by the Strategic Enrollment Planning committee, appointed by the University Provost and consisting of 9 faculty and 7 staff members, as well as a student representative. The Strategic Enrollment Planning committee chose a data-driven approach to guide discussion and inform recommendations. The committee worked within an environment of open dialogue, collaboration and shared decision-making in putting forth a united vision of university needs and enrollment potential.

The Strategic Enrollment Plan is a living document, reflective of an ongoing conversation within the University community. As priorities shift at the University of Houston and new contextual realities arise, the plan will adapt accordingly. To keep this Strategic Enrollment Plan dynamic and relevant to the needs of the University, the committee hereby puts forth specific recommendations for continued university stewardship and well as long-term focus as the plan evolves beyond its initial year.

This University-wide Strategic Enrollment Plan should also guide operational planning at the division, college, and departmental levels. The major advantage of a University-wide strategic enrollment plan is that these operational functions, which are often conducted in isolated silos, can be guided by a shared vision for a model future for the University of Houston.

The committee was charged with the responsibility of providing their best guidance in the form of a Strategic Enrollment Plan for fall 2015 enrollment. Time constraints necessitated the development a short-term plan to meet the most pressing enrollment planning needs of the university. Nevertheless, the Committee undertook this charge with the understanding that this initial Strategic Enrollment Plan will serve as the first step in an evolving planning process. We hope that this Plan will serve to focus short-term planning in the University’s administrative units, promote community-wide discussion about the University of Houston’s future and provide a solid foundation for the University’s long-term planning goals. Questions and comments about the University of Houston’s strategic enrollment plan are welcome and should be directed to Maureen Croft, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Strategic Enrollment Planning and Director of institutional Analysis and Performance Measurement.

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