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Enrollment Research

The University of Houston embarked on the comprehensive study of Semester Credit Hour (SCH) accumulation to better understand patterns of excess SCH accrual and the possible negative impact of excess SCH on student success. The study was designed and conducted in response to three interrelated issues facing the university with respect to SCH: (i) The high average SCH of UH undergraduates upon graduation as compared to peerinstitutions in Texas; (ii) The need to understand the potential impact of proposed changes that would cap state formula funding to fifteen hours beyond what is required for a degree (rather than the current 30 hours beyond what is required for the degree), resulting in the assessment of out-of-state tuition charges for students reaching that cap; and (iii) The need to better understand whether newly proposed transfer admissions policies should include SCH parameters. Overall, it was hoped that the university would gain a better understanding of how to program plan and intervene in a way that promotes timely graduation with efficient use of available SCH for UH students.

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The Impact of SCH Accumulation on Transfer Students