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Transfer Admissions


Proposed 2019 Admissions Policy For Transfer Students

• Effective Spring 2019, Automatic Admission will be extended to all transfer applicants with a 2.50 transfer GPA or higher and at least 15 transfer semester credit hours earned after high school graduation.

• Applicants with transfer GPAs between 2.25 and 2.50 will be selectively admitted through Individual Review. This process holistically reviews student qualifications while taking into account several factors shown to be statistically significant in predicting GPA and persistence at UH. Factors include GPA in core courses, total transfer hours, and whether student is math and language core complete.

• Applicants with transfer GPAs below 2.25 (and those who do not meet Individual Review standards) will be denied admission to UH but offered admission consideration at other UHS institutions.

• Applicants with Associate’s degrees will be considered under the same criteria as above.

• Applicants denied admission can re-apply to UH when their academic performance improves.


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2019 Admissions Policy For Transfer Students

2019 Admissions Policy For Transfer Students Power Point Presentation