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Enrollment Policy


Strategic Enrollment Plan

The purpose of the strategic enrollment plan is to set specific and ambitious enrollment goals for the University of Houston, which will in turn shape associated enrollment practices in the areas of recruitment, admissions, and financial aid. Enrollment goals are based on the mission statements of the University, the President, and the Provost, as well as the unique market challenges understood in light of the University’s local, state, and national context.
Admissions and Individual Review

The Office of the Provost/Strategic Enrollment Planning oversees the Individual Review Process at the University. Individual Review is the method used to evaluate applicants who are not eligible for automatic admission to the University. Individual Review takes into account unique student needs, talents and life circumstances while insuring that the review rubric and its implementation are fair and objective and are efficiently administered.
Enrollment Research

The Office of the Provost/Strategic Enrollment Planning conducts research examining all facets of the enrollment cycle, including the study methods, trends and opportunities as they pertain to student recruitment, admissions, enrollment and retention. Research is conducted at the University, college and department level. Strategic Enrollment Planning collaborates with colleges to help them anticipate and respond to enrollment challenges and serves as a resource to colleges as enrollment research is needed.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of the Provost/Strategic Enrollment Planning sets the financial aid packaging philosophy and leverages state and institutional funds to maximize aid relief and to recruit highly qualified applicants. In this capacity, The Associate Provost for Strategic Enrollment Planning serves as chair of the Student Financial Support Committee. Strategic Enrolment Planning also directs the awarding process for the University’s largest institutional merit-based aid program – the Academic Excellence Scholarship. As a result of these efforts, over half of the incoming freshman class now receives some form of merit-based scholarship.

The Office of the Provost/Strategic Enrollment Planning encompasses a student’s entire journey into and out of the University of Houston,  from initial recruitment efforts, admissions, enrollment, persistence, academic success, to timely graduation. The findings of our research support the need for a refined method in which we identify the high schools where we recruit students who are best prepared for post-secondary success.

Transfer Admissions

The Office of the Provost/Strategic Enrollment Planning is responsible for assisting the university administration in developing policy and standards. This includes reviewing current policies and providing updated and/or revised recommendations as necessary. 

Upon examination of the current transfer admission standards, Strategic Enrollment Planning in conjunction with university administration have proposed changes to the current standards.  If adopted, the proposed changes will go into effect for students admitted in the Spring semester of 2019.  Documents pertaining to the proposed changes can be found here.