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  • Why not bring grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to the event?  
    Due to this being a pilot program, we had to limit the number of participants.  We wanted to be fair and first allow children of faculty and staff to attend.  We are happy to place grandchildren or other relatives on a waiting list which we could use if we do not reach our maximum number of participants.
  • Why is the age range only from 8 to 13 years old for the children? 
    With the programs being offered, this age range is what was felt as being appropriate for each of these events.  In future years, we hope to be able to offer more programs and expand the age range and number of participants.
  • Why are there only 200 children who can attend the event? 
    This is a pilot program for 2017.  We only have limited funds and a limited number of areas willing to participate this year.  We hope to expand the program in future years to allow more children to participate.  You are still encouraged to bring your child to work that day (if allowed by your area), but we can only accommodate a maximum of 200 children for the programs offered in the morning and these will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Why do parents need to accompany their children to the event?
    This requirement came from the Office of Risk Management based on safety concerns; this area also indicated a requirement for the Release and Indemnification Agreement Form (OGC-S-2013-11) be filled out by the parent for each child and brought to the event. 
    • On the first page, the child is the participant (fill out the child's/children's name[s] and address), then fill in "Take Your Child to Work Day" in the description of the activity or trip.  On the third page, the child/children sign(s) at the left, and the parent signs at the right.
    • We also need the Authorization for Use of Image Form (OGC-SF-2003-02) for everyone to take pictures of their children and other children at the event; please fill out one form for each child attending the event.
  • Should I take leave for the event?
    Since the parent will need to be with his/her child during the morning event based on Office of Risk Management guidelines, the staff member will need to ask his/her supervisor whether or not to take vacation leave for the morning of the event, and whether or not the child can be in the staff member’s work area for the afternoon.
  • Will there be lunch for us?
    If the parent wears red, they can go to Fresh Food Company for a reduced lunch price of $5.00.  Administration and Finance leadership have provided vouchers for the children (which will be located in the child's backpack) for a free lunch at the Fresh Food Company.
  • What do we do during the afternoon?
    After having lunch (parents and children may go to the Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers for a reduced lunch [see Question #6 above], or pick any other areas in and outside of campus for lunch), parents have the option to have their children visit their work areas with the concurrence of their supervisors.
  • If we are not specifically working as an employee in any of the event sites for June 9th, can we still bring our children to any of the events?
    Yes, you can bring your child to any event of your choosing, no matter where you work on UH campus, based on when you sign up.  Once the 200-children limit is reached, everyone else will be waitlisted.
  • When will we be notified where we are going on June 9th?
    As soon as the 200-children limit is reached, Staff Council representatives will sort out all entries based on date and time, and notify all staff and faculty by e-mail message of event assignment, and where to bring their child/children for June 9th.  You should be notified before May 22, 2017 (Monday) of the event selection and meeting place for parent and child.