Staff Council Election Results

We are proud to announce the 2013-2014 Staff Council election results, which was held Tuesday-Wednesday, July 16-17, 2013.


Staff Council Elections are overseen by the Membership and Elections Committee in accordance with the Election Code below.

Election Code

Any Staff Council seat not filled in conformity with this Election Code shall be declared vacant.

  1. The Certification Committee
    1. This committee shall consist of the Staff Council President, the President-elect, The Chair or Co-Chair(s) of Membership and Elections Committee, and at least one other member from the Membership and Elections Committee. These shall be the members, as long as they are not running in the election for Staff Council.
    2. This committee will meet within twenty four hours after the online elections close for the review of the election results in coordination with the person in charge of the online voting site. The official results shall be signed by at least three members of the Certification Committee.
  2. Election of Representatives
    1. Nominations and Voter's Guide
      1. Elections for open positions on Staff Council shall be held annually in July by secret ballot.
      2. The Membership and Elections Committee shall determine the apportionment for each division as specified by the Staff Council by-laws. The proposed apportionment shall be presented to Staff Council for approval annually in April.
      3. A call for nominations shall be distributed to all staff employees on or before the second Wednesday in May.
      4. All staff employees may nominate any staff employee who meets the eligibility standards set by the Council by-laws.
      5. The Membership and Elections Committee shall verify nominee eligibility. A candidate may choose to run as either a division area representative or an At-Large representative.
      6. The Voter’s Guide containing the names and biographies of all candidates shall be distributed to all staff employees on or before the last Wednesday in June.
    2. Voting
      1. Voting will take place during the third week of July. The Membership and Elections Committee shall establish the voting dates at the beginning of the fiscal year allowing two online dates and one onsite date.
      2. Staff employees may only vote for the candidates of their division and for the At-Large positions. In order to cast a ballot staff employees must use their UH ID number.
      3. Absentee voting will be allowed by the Membership and Elections Committee prior to the general election. An absentee ballot will be made available upon request to the Membership and Elections Committee at the same time of the Voter’s Guide distribution and it will be due by 5pm the week before the first day of elections.
    3. Certification of Elections
      1. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected. Write- in candidates shall be regarded the same as formally nominated candidates. In the event of a tie vote, the Chair of the Membership and Elections Committee and at least one other member of the committee will conduct a drawing.
    4. Notification and Announcement of Results
      1. All candidates shall be notified in writing and/or by email of election results by the Staff Council President no later than one week following the certify elections results.
      2. A list of all elected candidates shall be published on the Staff Council website.
      3. Following each election the supervisor of each new representative shall be sent a letter from the President of the University of Houston, authorizing participation in Staff Council activities and requesting that release time be granted to perform the duties of a Staff Council representative.
      4. Official election results shall be retained by the Membership and Elections Chair for one year.