Dr. Andy Achenbaum featured in national and local media


"Whether its through fantastic offspring, a genre-shifting piece of work or a successful business, the idea of leaving behind a lasting legacy is a preoccupation for some post 50. But how will the generation as a whole be remembered? And what will its biggest contributions to society be? We may have an answer for you. “Our example -- even if we don’t quite make the mark -- will be important for others to build on,” said Dr. W. Andrew Achenbaum who wrote “How Boomers Turned Conventional Wisdom on Its Head.”-- Read more from the Huffington Post article 5 Ways Boomers Will Be Remembered based on Dr. Achenbaum's white paper commissioned by the MetLife Mature Market Institute. 


Texas is being hit with what some call a "silver tsunami" -- a wave of retirees and aging immigrants moving into the Lone Star State. But are we equipped to handle them all? Twelve years ago, retirees accounted for 7% of Harris County's population. That number will more than double by 2036, and triple just four years later. University of Houston Professor Andy Achenbaum has studied and written about America's aging population, and believes at this point, Houston is not yet prepared to handle the influx of older residents. Read more from Dr. Achenbaum's interview with KTRH News Radio, Can Texas Handle Aging Population?