GCSW Interns Shine in Austin

Every year GCSW Legislative Study Group Interns help the Texas Legislative Study Group compile analytics and policy information.  Every year they release a report called Texas on the Brink which documents statistics on the quality of life in Texas.

Read some of coverage of the report: 

Houston Chronicle

Austin Chronicle

Texas Observer

And a video report on Texas on the Brink features so of it's more shocking statistics: http://on.aol.com/video/texas-on-the-brink-2013--the-highs-and-lows-517745832

Congratulations to the GCSW LSG Team on a job well done!

From Left to Right: Muna Javaid, Amanda Williams, Katherine Little, Natalie Powell, Nena Chima, Kelle' Martin, Kristen Macaluso, Laura Welch, Yvonne Okonkwo, Amanda Foster, Torey Powell. 

*Two GCSW Austin Interns are not pictured (Yvonne Green and Ana Rodriguez) as their internships were in the offices of state representatives.