Ginger Robbins Retires

With Gratitude....

The Graduate College of Social Work extends our heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes for Ginger Robbins, our Field Director extraordinaire.  After more than 35 years as a Director of Field Education she is retiring and moving on to her next big adventure.  She has spent the past 27 years at the GCSW and has made her mark on our College and the Houston community.  Well known and respected, she will be greatly missed by us all.

Here's what Ginger's colleagues, students and GCSW alumni have shared upon learning of her retirement.

"Thank you for helping move the College forward and for all your work in promoting field education and social work education." ~Dean Ira Colby

"Always “at the table”, Daring Greatly, that’s Ginger!" ~Ann Liberman, GCSW Director of Alumni and Career Services

"Ginger’s efforts in the 70’s and 80’s through Title XX (20) funding helped build capacity of many social service agencies that are still in existence today. UH Faculty and Staff were each able to supervise up to 20 students in social service locations throughout Houston. When Title XX funding decreased, the initiative left had left seeds of progress planted throughout the Houston area." ~Dr. Larry Hill, GCSW Research Professor and Alum

"I have learned a lot from Ginger about what it means to be a social-work professional.  Hers has been a vital face and voice at GCSW." ~Dr. Andrew Achenbaum, GCSW Faculty

"Ginger is a great colleague to work with.  We had a wonderful trip to Hong Kong and China where she offered field training to the faculty and staff at the City University of Hong Kong.  She also looked into resources to support the China Collaborative Project.  Without her support, UH-GCSW would not have been selected by CSWE as one of the seven universities in the US to partner with the MSW Programs in China."  ~Dr. Patrick Leung, GCSW Faculty

"A well-deserved retirement! I worked for Ginger for a number of years as her G.A. in the field office, and she was one of the best bosses a G.A. could have! The GCSW will not be the same without her..."  ~Nicole Willis, GCSW Alumna (MSW 2003 & PhD 2010)

"Congratulation Ginger. Hope you enjoy retirement as much as I have." ~Anne Porter, GCSW Alumna (MSW, 1976)


Virginia Cooke Robbins, LMSW-AP

Virginia Cooke Robbins, LMSW-AP received her MSW degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne in 1973. She was employed as a staff associate in the National Office of NASW for four years before moving to Houston in 1976.

Ms. Robbins has served as a director of field education for thirty-six years, the last twenty-seven at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She is the immediate past co-chair of the North American Network of Field Educators and Directors and of the CSWE/APM Field Education Track. She has served as co-chair of the CSWE Commission on Field Education and as chair of the Texas Field Educators Consortium.

Ms. Robbins was the Principal Investigator for one of the six original Practicum Partnership Programs in Gerontology funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc of New York City and now serves on the National Advisory Panel for the continuation of the HPPAE initiative. She continues to serve as Project Director for the UH-GCSW AGIFT (Agencies for Gerontology Intercultural Field Training) Program.

Ms. Robbins has published on field education and is a regular presenter on field education at the CSWE Annual Program Meeting. She continues to consult with field directors around the country on the development of field education programs with special attention to competency based field education curriculum.