Policy Insider Series

“Policy Insider Series”

A series of presentations and conversations on policy, advocacy, and politics

Be a part of conversations with local advocates and lobbyists!
Multi-Purpose Room of the UH Graduate College of Social Work Building from 11:30-1:00

September 17, 2013
How the Sausage is Made: Insight Into How a Bill Really Becomes a Law in Texas
Dr. Katherine Barillas, MSW, Ph.D. Director of Child Welfare Policy, One Voice Texas

October 15, 2013
At Odds: Recovering from Substance Abuse & Being in the CPS System

November 19, 2013
Fear, Need, and Humanity: Moving Immigration Policy Forward in the U.S.
Geoffrey Hoffman, JD - Associate Professor at the U.H. Law Center

February 25, 2014
Setting Up Difficult Choices: The State of Nutrition and Anti-Hunger Policies

March 3, 2014
Hand Over Your Children: The Need for Affordable Community Based Mental Health Care
Colleen Horton Policy Program Officer, The Hogg Foundation

April 15, 2014
The Face of Human Trafficking in Texas
Mandi Kimball, Public Policy Analyst, Children at Risk

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Katherine Barillas, Director of Child Welfare Policy, One Voice Texas: Kbarillas@onevoicetexas.org

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