GCSW Donor Honor Roll

Your donations truly make a difference in the lives of our students!

The Graduate College of Social Work faculty, staff, and students would like to thank our friends, alumni, families, businesses, charitable foundations and community organizations whose philanthropic gifts support our mission to provide exceptional education for advanced social work practice, research and leadership through teaching, advancing knowledge and community engagement to achieve social, economic and political justice.

We are most grateful for your wonderful support.  The listing below represents donors to GCSW through fiscal year 2012. Our goal is to recognize and thank everyone who makes gifts to GCSW. Thank you again!

The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Maconda Brown O'Connor

The Fondren Foundation
Hearst Foundation Inc
Isla Carroll Turner Friendship Trust

Gallery Furniture
The George Foundation
Ernest J. and Barbara M. Henley
The Henley Foundation
Hope Center Youth & Family Services
Houston Endowment Inc.
Institute of Interfaith Dialog
James F. and Linda L. McIngvale
Barbara G. and J. Victor Samuels
The Samuels Foundation
David M. and Lynda K. Underwood
Fernando J. Zuniga y Rivero
Zuniga y Rivero Foundation

American Legacy Foundation
Baylor College of Medicine
Ruth W. Brodsky
The Brodsky Foundation
Gerson David
Gerontological Society of America
The John A. Hartford Foundation
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Robert R. and Marjorie L. Jenkins
Jenkins 2011 Management TR
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Barbara D. Mackey
William S. Mackey
William S. & Barbara D. Mackey Fund of GHCF
William K. & Flo McGee, Jr.
Florence and William McGee Jr. Family Foundation
Mixed Multi Donors
Cynthia Faye Reibenstein
University Of Miami
The Damon Wells Foundation
Barbara W. Winston
The Winston Family Foundation

Lance Armstrong Foundation
George and Anne Butler Foundation
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
Change Happens
Florence Clemenger
Sabina David
Fordham University
Nancy F. and Edmund M. Fountain, Jr.
The Frees Foundation
Greater Houston Community Fdn.
The Hamill Foundation
Houston Gerontological Society
Jack & William Light Charitable Trust
Samuel D. and Cele S. Keeper
Susan L. Lawhon
The Lyons Foundation
George W. Magner
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Inc
Margaret S. O'Donnell and Rick Herrman
The Simmons Foundation, Inc.
Spaulding For Children
United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast

Amegy Bank of Texas
AT&T, Inc.
Joseph  R. and Cam Canion
The Catalyst Group Inc
Ira C. and Deborah N. Colby
De Pelchin Children's Center
Enrico & Sandra di Portanova Char Fdn
Eliza K. and John H. Duncan, Jr.
The Lillian H. & C.W. Duncan Foundation
Brenda J. and Frank P. Gallagher
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
J W & M I Loots Charitable Foundation
Mayfield Foundation Inc
The Methodist Hospital System
Gina D. and Mark Metts
Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Vicki T. Palmer
Reibenstein & Associates
Fayez Sarofim & Co.
Carolyn Vetter
The Wallace Foundation

Morrie K. and Rolaine Abramson
Abramson Family Foundation of GHCF
Andy Achenbaum
Joan C. and Stanford J. Alexander
American Humancis Student Association
American Association for Cancer Research
American Bar Association
American Cancer Society California Div
American Electric Power
Amgen Inc.
Mary Beth Arcidiacono
Ms. Carole S. Ashendorf
Morris and Anne Ashendorf  Fdn.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
The Tina E. Bangs Foundation
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston
Patsy G. Blackwood and Bev D. Blackwood
Dennis W. Catlett
Donald L. Catlett
Michael J. and Rebecca Cemo
Child Advocates Inc.
CMS Energy
Helen Harris Cohn
CRC Foundation
H. M. and Julie Crosswell
Jewel B. Crosswell Trust
Michael R. Daley
Dillard's, Inc.
Duke Energy
El Paso Corporate Foundation
David & Myra Engler Family Fund FCGF
Episcopal Health Foundation
ERADA Community Partnership
Fahs-Beck Fund for Res & Experimentation
Family Services of Greater Houston
Federated Department Stores
Fiesta Mart Inc.
First Interstate Fdn. of Texas
Ray C. Fish Foundation
C. Norman Frees
Shirley B. Frees
The Frank & Brenda Gallagher Family Fdn.
Gelb Consulting Group, Inc.
Maureen K. and John A. Graf
Greater Houston Area Consortia
Guaranty Bank
James T. and Maureen E. Hackett
Maureen & James Hackett Fund of GHCF
Harris County Childrens Protective Services
Jeremy Head Charitable Fund
Jeremy Head Charitable Fund of GHCF
Healthcare for the Homeless
Sue A. and Richard H. Howard
Howard Univeristy Hospital
Iman Cosmetics
Mary K. and Ryan W. Impelman
Intermarine Incorporated
KBR, Inc
Kinder Foundation
Andrews Kurth LLP
Cecelia Laping
Susan H. Lawhon
Chi-Chi Lam Le
Yen-Chi Le
Mr. Ronald C. Lewis and Marcia D. West
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Mildred Y. Manion
Neal S. and Nancy M. Manne
Susan and Jack H. Mayfield, Jr.
Rahul B. Mehta
The Mehta Family Foundation
Ben Mendez
Montgomery County Food Bank
Linda K. May and John W. Morrison
National Dialogue on Cancer
Robert L. and Dori S. Navarro
Julie T. Nguyen
Northwestern University - Chicago Campus
Myrna Ordonez-Engler
Jane Blaffer Owen
Carol W. and Robert W. Paddock
Carol & Robert Paddock Fund of the GHCF
Pearson Education
Pennzoil Expl. & Prod. Company
John R. and Molly Perdue
William G. Powell and Elizabeth J. Field
The Powell Foundation
Project Management Group
Paul R. Raffoul
Larry A. Reibenstein
Reliant Energy-Entex
Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation
Gay A. Roane
Rockwell Fund, Incorporated
Jackie Campbell and Lawrence G. Root
Anne Murphy and Robert Rose
Louisa Stude Sarofim 1995 Charitable Trust
Louisa Stude Sarofim Foundation
Scurlock Foundation
SEI Metaltek
Molly E. Shanks Gift Trust
C. Park and Mary Shaper
Shell Oil Company
Silver Eagle Distributors, Inc.
Hinda B. Simon
Barry P. Simon
Martha F. Singleton
Alice W. and Anthony Smith
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
St. Luke's Episcopal Health System
Levi Strauss Foundation
Charles and Judy Tate
Texas Children's Hospital
The Council on Alcohol & Drugs Houston
Ann G. Trammell Fund of the GHCF
Ann G. Trammell
Paul T. Ulrich
Various Private Non-Profit Agencies
Various Private Profit Agencies
Carole Ann Marmell and Roger Weinzetl
Sue Trammell Whitfield
Whitney National Bank
Karen Winston
Don  M. and Nancy G. Woo
Walter E. and Jerri B. Workman
YMCA of Greater Houston
Alexander G. Zaphiris
1st Alliance Mortgage, LLC
Invesco AIM
Martha J. and Candido A. Abaya
Cora W. Abbott
Wanda Abele
Nancy O. and Mark B. Abendshein
Sherron B. Abernathy
Allan D. and Angela S. Abney
Barbara and Lonnie Abney
Elizabeth Abouelkheir
Lee and Mendel Abrams
Absolute Remodeling & Repair
Sharon B. Acanto
Manuel Acevedo and Ana Palacio
Norma Gertrude Acker
Nora S. and Robert Ackerley
Rosa E. Acosta
Al Acosta
Wendy S. Adair
Adams Mediation & Finan Center
Betty F. Adams
Carolyn Dorothy Adams
Debbie Adams
Rebekah Ellis Adams
Olufunke I. Adamson
Stephen D. and  Sharon Adell
Kelly Adels
Kehinde Adesina
Advanced Business Info. Sys., Inc.
Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Derm
Azra Hanna Agic
Nelda P. Aguilar
Jacqueline M. Aguilera
Loro S. Ahart
Hilary J. Ahlgrim and Philip R. Barton
Olubimpe Aibinuomo
AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc.
Joann T. Ajose
Rosemarie and John N. Ake
Mark F. Akerlund
Adesua Akhigbe
Whitney J. Alao
Theresa Aldape
Jack N. and Karen Alderson
Val A. and Linda M. Aldred
Patti A. Aldredge
Toni Y. Alex
Glendolyn Alex
A. Ann Alexander
Nakia T. Alexander
Rudolph Alexander, Jr.
Phyllis Alexander
Willie J. and Carolyn Alexander
Zehra Binti Abu Ali
Rasidah M. Ali
All Nursing Home Health Services Inc
Allegro Unlimited Inc
Geraldine Crago Allen
Gloria J. Allen
Retta Allen
Shirley J. Allen
Stacy Allen-Grace
David Marc Alpert
Sharon L. Alpert
Gayle Alstot
Carolyn Altamira
Constance Altamira
Yanette Alvanega
Alejandra Alvarado
Samuel Alvarado
Yolanda Alvarado
Lilia Lucia Alvarado
Yanette H. Alvarenga
Adriana Alvarez
David Alvarez
David Alvarez Sheet Metal
Maria Alvarez
Maristela Alvarez
Blanca and Estuardo G. Alvarez-Calderon
Ines Alvarez-Calderon
Steven D. and Marci L. Alvis
Ambassadors Caregivers
Amed Health, Inc
American Title Company of Houston
Amigos Cristianos, LLC
Diane M. Anderle
Darlene Andersen
Alesia Anderson
Franklin J. Anderson
Jeffrey C. and Susan Anderson
Josephine Anderson
Mency J. Anderson
Robert H. Anderson
Sylvester V. and Cecile N. Anderson
Theresa M. Anderson
Thomas C. and Dorothy K. Anderson
Mildred J. and Gari B. Andreini
Lilly K. and Thurmon Andress
Marilyn and Bolivar C. Andrews
William W. and Nancy D. Andrews
Jeff Anon
Anonymous 11/23/2011
Anonymous 11-9-2012
Georgeann B. Antell
Elena Antelo
Peggy E. and Charles S. Anthony
Appeal Property Tax
Michael and Madeleine G. Appel
Sara Arabi
Nadjmeh Arabi
Sahar Arabi
Amy Aragon
Ivette M. Arango
The Arc of Greater Houston
Amy M. Archambault
Marie D. Arcos
Sandra P. and Darin Ard
Ard Law Firm
Kristopher  Arias
Debra G. Arismendez
Jim  and Sheila Armsworth
James A. Armsworth
Angela M. and Cyril E. Arney
John S. and Jana F. Arnoldy
Brent Arnspiger
A-Rocket Moving & Storage
Kerry Arp
Tracey and Lisa Arp
Verna F. Arp
Whitney Kate Arp
Sara and Bruce Arrazola
Art Contreras and Associates
Sonila Artani
Jane Arvey
Robert Ashcraft
Ashendorf Family Fund of the HJCF
 H. Wesley Ashendorf
Asian American Family Counseling Center
Susan S. and David J. Askanase
Aspiring Youth of Houston
Assoc. of Black Social Workers Texas
Associated Catholic Charities
Patsy  J. Ates
Hiep Atkins
Susan M. and Milton Altschuler
ATOMAR Communications
David P. Atwood
Thomas Au
Krystna S. Aune
Aunt Gracie's Gourmet Fudgery
Austin Group Resources LP
Amber Nicole Austin
Renee Katherine Austin
Avance Inc
Francisco and Mariame C. Aviles-Riog
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Kelli B. Ayers
Simon J. and Anna M. Babin
Judy and Paul Baer
Pearl M. Baiden
J. R. and Bette Bailes
Paul Bailey
Wayne Bailey
Minnie M. and Raleigh W. Baird, III
Philamena and Arthur L. Baird
Arlene K. Baker
Denise R. Baker
Kathy L. and Richard L. Baker, Jr.
Kelly J. and Robert J. Baker
Phyllis A. Baker
Sabrina Baker
Delphine Baldon
Bonnie Baldwin
P. R. and Shyamala Balgopal
Bonner S. and George Ball
Taylor Ballard
Taylor B. Ballard
Lawrence J. Balsam
David A. and Lisa H. Bandini
Anthony P. and Gaynor Banham
Arewa A. Banjoko
Bank of America
Bank Texas
Elnora L. Banks
Rachel E. Barajas
Barbara & Barry Lewis Family Fund
Tyara C. Barge
Bobby D. Barina
Brenda Crabtree Barker
Robert E. Barker
Donna and Kevin Barnhart
Karol and Paul F. Barnhart, Jr.
Gertrude Barnstone
Mrs. Ellen F. Barr
Angel R. Barrera
Maria Barrera
Romualdo V. Barrera
Ruben Barrera
Susan G. and Ermilio Barrera, Jr.
Esmeralda Barrera-Kovach
Melanie B. Barr-Fitzpatrick and Sean J. Fitzpatrick
Alicia Marie Barron
Andre Barron
Ethyl Colleen Barros
Catherine N. Barry
Elaine S. Barry
David W. and Caroline C. Barstow
Merle and Patricia Barth
Charlotte Barton
Erin A. Baskin
William L. and Alice L. Baskin
D. D. and Mary Ellen Bass
Kathleen M. Bass
Laurie E. Bass
Tiffany Bassocco
Rufina Basu
Nancy Jean Bateman
Dayna E. Bates
Dorothy D. and Donald G. Bates
Tara Ashley Bates
Helen Batinga
Katherine Batten
Stephanie Battenfield
Lalae Battista
Jennifer A. Battle
Edward H. Bauerle, Jr.
Marsha J. Baumann
Spencer and Virginia Bayles
Sloane Beadle
Janet  M. Beall
Barbara Beard
Barry W. and Sandra T. Bearden
Darla D. Beaty
Jeffery O. Beauchamp
Toni Beauchamp
Fred W. and Delia Beavers
Paula R. and Robert L. Beck
Marteba M. Beck
Mary Beck
Mary H. Beck
Robert I. and Beverly Beck
Shirley E. Becker
Allen J. Becker
Becker Family Foundation
Donica G. Beckett
Gia D. Beckett
Behavioral Health Alliance of Texas Inc
Kathy Behrman
Angela Elizabeth Belew
David P. and Judith R. Bell
Henrietta J. and Marian Bell
Laura Bell
Sue and Paul G. Bell, Jr.
Virginia R. Belvito
Barbara L. Strobel and George D. Bement
Elia D. Benitez
Elizabeth K. and Edward C. Benjamin, Jr.
Nancy M. Benjamin
Clay A. and Lara Bennett
Barton R. and Beverly B. Bentley
Zinkie Benton
Adele and Lan C. Bentsen
John M. Benzer
Gloria W. Berendzen
Collette Beresford
Charlotte A. Berg
Michael P. Berglund
Mary Dorothy Bergstrom
Bering Omega Community Services
Gloria Beriones
Bernard H. and Phyllis E. Berman
Sherry L. Bernard
Marcia Calderon Berretta
Suzanne R. Berry
Alice M. and Don Berthelsen
Anita P. and Robert W. Best
Bestcare Laboratory Services, Inc.
Bethany Yates & Associates
Emily L. and Charles H. Beynon, III
Rishi Bharathan
Thomas N. and Joan M. Bickell
Kim Bierma
Marilyn M. Biles
Izer Roy Billings
George E. and Bobbie Bilnoski
Katrina Bimage
Cathy L. Binstock
Eunice M. Birotte
Jim Barlow and Susan Bischoff
Chelsea A. Bishop
Jermaine R. Monroe and Lavonne C. Bishop
Kevin E. Jefferies and Shannon L. Bishop
Lisa E. Bishop
Carolyn Diane Bivona
Dorothy C. Black
Harold A. Black
Bonnie L. Siff and Ira J. Black
Gary W. Blackie
Marjory L. Blackstock
Lynne Blackwell
Faye D. Blair-Chasseuil
Jessica Hope Blake
Angela Blanchard and Sue Lovell
James M. and Maureen M. Blanding
Chuck and Charleen S. Blank
Leslie D. and Jack S. Blanton, Jr.
Earl H. and Diane K. Bleke
Bill Bluethmann
Roger B. and Cynthia S. Bloch
Christine  Block
Blue Northern Air Conditioning Inc.
Lynn E. Blum
BMA-Bio Med. Applications Mgt., Co.
Mary Ann Board
Gerald L. and Susan K. Bobrick
Sara E. Bobrick and Alan A. Ogunmuyiwa
Daniel L. and Susan E. Boggio
Gretchen and M. Bohnert
Lisa Colby and Raymond Bokenkamp
Marjann Davies Boles
Steven R. Bolinger
Shirley Bollich
Raymona B. and William M. Bomar
Armandina C. Bonds
Iris R. Bonner
John T. Bonno and Naomi G. Scott
Clementine F. and Floyd I. Booker
Sally C. and Willis E. Boone, Jr.
Shirley M. Boothe
Patrick S. Bordnick and Allison L. Stock
Dan and Krista Borgen
Pamela S. and Charles Borsos
Shaunessy Bostic
Boston University
Sidney L. Boswell
Don C. Bottoms
Mary Boudreaux
Peter Boudreaux and Susan Fernbach
Sue Boudreaux
Tammy Jo Boudreaux
Tasha P. Boudreaux
Tricia Boudreaux
Hartley H. Hampton and Meg Boulware
Patricia D. Bounds
Carolyn Jo Bourg
Leslie Bourne
Marlon D. Bourque
Andre L. and Ann Boutte
Needha M. Boutte'-Queen
Polly Bowden
Marie Bowen
Ronald R. and Leslie Bowen
James Bowerman
Shabelee Bowie
Alicia Bowman
Earlean and Nelson Bowman, III
Althea Boyd
Danita Boyd
Dennis Boyd
Jane L. Boyd
Renee Boyd
Syria J. Boyd
Traci Lynette Boyd
Boyer & Ketchand
Melvin B.and Jean W. Brackendorff
Robert M. and Monica Bradbury
Carnelliue Braden
Lorraine S. and M. Braden
James Edward Bradshaw
Dana C. Braeden
Brain Tumor Foundation
Stuart D. and Nancy S. Braman
Laura Lynn Branam
Louis and Allison Brandt Foundation
Allison M. Brandt
Louis K. and Lucia Brandt
Robert J. and Mary Ellen Brandt
Marsha J. and James J. Braniff, III
Debra Ann Harwell-Braun and Steven N. Braun
Stephen L. Braun
Jennifer A. Braunstein
Guadalupe Bravo
Julianna L. Bray
Carrie K. Brazil
Brazos Bookstore, Inc.
Orrin Breeden
Karen E. and William H. Brehm
Linda R. Breihan
Sharon B. and Daniel M. Brener
Brenham National Bank
James S. Brennan
Dolly H. and William E. Brenneman
R. Larry and Gloria Brenner
Ann and John B. Brent
Karey P. Bresenhan
Jamie S. Brewster
Larry Brewster
Briargrove Psychotherapy Associates
Patricia and Jerry G. Bridges
Cynthia Clay Briggs
Jennifer S. Briggs
Marlijo C. Brigham
Patricia Ann Brisco
Judith P. and James L. Britton, III
Joan R. Brochstein
Rita Noemi Brockway
Susan and Gregory S. Broer
Suzann and Travis C. Broesche
Gale Brom
Edward M. Brook
Allison W. Brooks
Catherine M. Brooks
Jane J. Brooks
Margaret Ellen Brooks
Sylvia K. and Errol Brooks
Shawn M. Brossart
Frances Brotzen
Franz R. Brotzen
Shelley L. Brough
Wendy Broughton
Denise J. Broussard
Brown Counseling Center
Amanda Brown
C. Brene' Brown
Carlie Ann Brown
Carmen Diane Brown
Christopher F. and Melissa Brown
Debra M. Brown
F. B. Brown , Jr.
George H. Brown
Nancy S. Brown
Paul H. Brown
Shirley A. Brown
Sidney L. and Lorraine J. Brown
Tracy Brown
Solomon M. Brownstein
Billy Broyles
Wyatt E. and Joan Brumfield
Alice Mary Bruncsak
Gregory R. and Jayln E. Brungardt
Catherine C. Bryan
Cheronda Bryan
Sharon Bryan
Cynthia D. and Edward L. Bryant
Gloria J. Bryant
Thomas Bryant
Tiffany Bryant
William C. and Corinne A. Bryant, IV
Lauren Kaye Bryce
Theresa K. Bryce
Alicia H. Buchanan
Nell A. Richardson and G. Sidney Buchanan
Michelle T. and Todd L. Buchanan
Joanne S. Buchwald
Barbara S. Buck
Larry W. and Katherine S. Buck
Catherine A. and Thomas C. Buckalew
The Buckingham
Brenda Buckner
Phil E. and Elizabeth A. Buelow
Tom and Marci Buerger
Evelyn Bufford
William E. and Valerie J. Buffum
Joan Bugbee
Irving Bumar
Becki Burch
James Burden
Linda L. Burger
David Burgis
Burguieres Family Foundation for GHCF
Philip J. and Alice L. Burguieres
Angela Burkett
Bridget and Van Burkhart
Patricia J. and Bill Burkman
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Fdn.
Sondra and Philip Burman
Michon A. Burmeister
Suzan Burmeister
Lon Burnam
Lon Burnam Campaign
Tracy L. Burnett
Claire and J. Paul Burney, Jr.
Thomas C. and Cheryl Lynne Burns
Stan and Barbara Burrows
C. Sidney and Mary P. Burrus
Carol Hendrix Burrus
John W. Burruss
Beverly A. and Don Burton
Adrienne Buscher
Kim N. Bush
Cathryn A. Bushman
Robyn R. Bushong
Delores M. Bustamante
Michael J. and Patricia J. Butera
Patricia N. and Thomas Butkus
Ann Butler
Jill K. Butler
John C. Butler
Renia S. Butler
Sue Butler
Ellen Marie Bynum
Richard L. Byrd
Linda G. Caballero
Mabel E. Caban and Enrique Gomez
Carlos E. Cabezas
Kathy Caine
Rogene G. and Kenneth W. Calvert
Virginia A. and William A. Camfield
Kenneth Camp
Kimberly A. Camp
Paula and Gary Camp
Sue Camp
Philip M. Campa
Charlotte C. and Marion M. Campbell
Ariana A. Campos
Cesar L. Canaval
Margaret M. and Stan Canavan
Edward Canche
Barbara Ann Candley
Roy C. Cano
Cantex Health Care Centers LLC
Cantrell Oil Company
Laurie J. Cantrell
Sylvia and Toby Capetillo
Minnie S. and Edward H. Cappel
Dorothy F. Caram
Jodi B. Cardoso
Carecen, Inc.
Career and Recovery Resources Inc
John M. Carlisle
Sandra S. Carlson
Carter E. Carlton, Jr.
Benjamin C. and Cindy L. Carmine
Lisa Carmona
LaQuita Carmouche
Kandis S. Carney
Yvonne M. Carney
Cesar Carrera
Eric A. Carrera
Robert W. and Martha Carrick
Catherine S. and Stephen L. Carrigan
Dolores E. and Carlos Carrizales
Thomas S. Carothers
Tony Carroll
John D. Carter, Jr.
Rheanisha S. Cartwright
Rion Cascaden
Mary Kay and Robert R. Casey, Jr.
Stephanie Kay Cashion
Sloane R. Caskey
Tiffany M. Castenell
Leonel J. and Evelyn C. Castillo
Sylvia C. Castillo
Jose Castrellon
Stratis L. Catacalos
Marinelle F. Catacutan
Catalog Builders Online
Catapolte Development Solutions LTD Co
John T. and Margot S. Cater
Sharon K. Cates
Pamela K. Catron
Caughlin Consulting, PA
Barbara T. and Charles T. Cavanaugh
Katherine H. Cavanaugh
H. Scott and Vivien Caven
Anthony L. Cecala, Jr.
Michael & Rebecca Cemo Foundation
The Center for AIDS Info & Adv
CenterPoint Energy Alternative Fuels
CenterPoint Energy
Richard Centner
Central City Bus.& Mgt. Svcs., Inc.
Cerebral Palsy Treatment Center
Elizabeth Cervantes
Bettye Chambliss
Kenneth Chambliss
Champion Counseling
Benita R. Champs
Chi Wa Chan
Hiu Tung Chan
Leonard N. Chan
Yin Sheung Chan
Mike Chance
Chance Sales Co., Inc.
Theresa W. and Peter Chang
Yunchiu Rachel Chang
Earlene Chapman
Terry Chappell
Charisma Design
Charitable Gift Fund
Charter Bank-Nations Bank
Charter Behavioral Health Systems
Charter Hospital of Kingwood
Charter Hospital of Sugar Land
Defreim D. Charvis
Jeanette L. and William R. Chase
Anthony R. Chase and Dina Al-Sowayel
Linda Y. Chase
Ann Chastang
Sunny R. Chatagnier
Michael W. Chau
Marlies and William Chavez
Di Chen
Linmen Chen
Wing Kou Wong Chen
Xi and Ni Chen
Yung Ping Chen
Monit Cheung and Patrick Leung
Child Abuse Prevention Network
Child Builders
Children at Risk
Kathryn Aline Childress
Laura C. and Brett Chiles
Chiles Offshore Inc.
William E. Chiles
Ray Taggart Chilton
Jennifer A. Chinchilla
Chinese Community Center, Inc.
Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
Jo Ann Wing Chiu
Choice! Energy LP
David Thomas Chollar
Helen K. Chong
Chia-Pei Chou
Marsha S. Christ
Michelle A. Christian
Celia Jean Christie
Paul C. W. and May P. Chu
Caroline A. Chukwu
Patrick Aba Chukwuonu
Dora Cisneros
Pamela G. Lively-Claiborne and James E. Claiborne, Jr.
Cathy and Horace Clancy
Donald M. Clark
Donna Clark
James R. Clark Jr.
Muffin and Jim Clark
Polly G. Clark
Selby Clark
James M. and Linda G. Clarke
Ted Clarke
Joyce E. and LeRoy R. Clavenna
Ronald Wayne Claybon
Clayton Catering
Beth L. Clegg
Lucy Clegg
Joanelle D. and Leo C. Clelland, Jr.
William H. Clements & Associates
Penelope A. and Chris Cleveland
CMC Americas, Ltd.
Coach USA
Rowsheka C. Cobbs
Steven and Mary Cochran
Elda L. Coco
Dora Cofer
Alyce Coffey-Scott
Cohen Brown Management Group, Inc.
Ellen R. Cohen
Joseph B. Cohen
Lewis M. Linn and Phyllis J. Cohen
Murry and Meryl Cohen
Sylvia Cohen
Tedd Cohen
Janice Colburn
N Grovey Cole
Norma B. Cole
W. Edward and Juanita Cole
Anthony Collins
Lynda Beth Collins
Mary Collins
Mary A. Collins
Mary C. Collins
Sandra C. and John E. Collins
Susan M. Collins
Columbia University
Robert David Colvin and Cindi R. Frazin
Comex International
Martin B. and Terry C. Cominsky
Communities in Schools Houston, Inc.
Susan E. Conaway
William J. Condon
Congregation Emanu El
Philip D. Conklin
Martha O. and Robert W. Conley
Annemarie Conlon
Suzette B. Connell
Anne and Tom R. Conner
Margaret H. Connors
Alan Conover
Connie T. and William V. Conover, II
Jack Considine
Rachel E. Consorte
Beatrice Constante
Heather C. Constantine
Consumers Energy Foundation
Hiram A. and Alicia Contreras
Anne M. and Charles R. Cook
Ethel S. Cook
John M. Cook
Julie M. Cook
Kathy George Cook
Patrick J. Cook
Gloria P. Cooke
Dona Anne Cooley
Patricia M. and Ross A. Cooley
Stephen Vincent Cooley
Carolyn I. Cooper
Iva Sue Cooper
Jill B. Cooper
Kayla M. Cooper
Rochella Cooper
Alan Corbin
Desiree Corbin
Janis I. Corbin
Michelle Corbin
P. S. Corbin
Kevin J. Corcoran
Ricky L. and Barbara S. Corkins
Misty R. and Thomas G. Cornell
Wendy A. Corona
Nita M. Costello
Brenda S. and Gerald Cothran
Karen and Sid Cougot
J.  Patrick and Aven C. Coulson
Teresa June Coulthard
Linda J. Courtney
Edna Marie Courville
Kathy M. Terwilliger and Floyd Courville
Travis J. and Frances C. Courville
Wanda Cox
Susan K. Crabtree
Mary C. and John Craddock
Meg M. Crady
Natashia L. Craft
Geneva Craig
J. P. and Janice Craig
Susanna S. Craig
Margret A. and O. Crain
Walter Crain
Alan Cranfill
Arthur and Janet R. Craven
Patricia Cravens
Tiffany Crawford
Christen M. Crayton
Gloria Crayton
Toshiba K. and Tommie P. Crayton
Percy Creuzot
Sallie Coleman Creuzot
Crisis Intervention of Houston Inc
Vivian C. and James Crites
Kara Cronk
Adriene D. Crosby
Alexander B. Crosby
Emily A. and O. Holcombe Crosswell
Carolyn H. Crow
Marion H. Crowell
Gary T. and Sylvie P. Crum
Mary K. Cuevas
Harry H. and Rosanette M. Cullen
Elinore Pascoe Cumings
Susan K. Cummings
Charles C. Cummings, Jr.
Charles C. Cuneo
Cunningham Tervalon Associates
Cay Cunningham
Lana L. and Stewart Cureton, Jr.
Herman Curiel
Veronica Curiel
Candice M. Curl
Veronica S. and Michael F. Curran
Curran Holdings, Inc.
Joan Curry
Keys A. Curry
Barbara C. Curvey
Customer Services, Incorporated
Carolyn Koch Cutbirth
Rebecca R. Cutting
Dabney & Associates
Daily Benevolent Corporation
Daisy Foundation
Jigna R. Dalal
Brian S. and Virginia H. Daly
Neelam Damani
Matthew and Jennifer Damico
Shirley Damon
Susan Evans Daniel
Demita Daniels
Michael Jay Darby
Elaine J. Darden
Thomas F. Dareneau
Daughtry & Jordan
Mary Davidson
Pamela Ellen Davidson
Elizabeth Davila
Beryl Davis
Crystal Deanna Davis
Eunice F. Davis
John E. and Jayne Davis
John K. Davis
Kathy Davis
L.G. Davis Jr.
Richard A. Davis
Stephanie A. Davis
Tiffany Renea Davis
Tina C. Davis
Tristan J. Davis
C. W. and Vivian R. Dawson
Marion  Dawson
Thomas William Dawson
Antonia S. Day and George A. Helland, Jr.
April Day
Kathleen H. Day
Kristoffer J. Day
Myron R. Day
Patricia L. Day
Catalina De La Garza
Ana Maria de Paiva
Blanca P. de Zuniga
Andy and Kathleen Dearman
Dana D. Debes
Anthony C. and Chantay DeBlanc
Jamie E. Debney
Jimmy Debney
Eugene M. Decker, III
Alain G. Declert
Jules A. and Jeraldine Dedeaux
Deer Park High School
Deer Park Hospital
Julie M. Deeter
Linda H. and Walter J. Defoy
Carol Dehan
Tania DeJohn
Elena Delavega
Maria E. Delgado
Sue Crommelin-Dell and Paul Dell
Michael D. Delzotti
Amy Demmler
Mary E. Demmler
Suzanne E. Demong
Raymond and Mary Denson
Michael L. and Rose M. DeRouen
Carl A. and Kit Detering
David R. Dexel
Elizabeth D. Dexter
Tasmina Dhanani
Gene and Kathleen Di Vita
Jessica  Y. Diaz
Tania C. Diaz
Veronica Diaz
Carmen Lucia Dickerson
Will G. and Eleanor Dickey
John A. Dickinson
Lucille Didomenico
Jeannie Diep
John K. Dietrich
Joe D. Diggs
Anthony DiGiovanni
Mark M. and Kristine A. Dimmick
Nancy and Jack Dinerstein
Lan Dinh
David C. Dinneen
Diversified Housing Services, Inc.
Mary S. Dix
Ana D. Dlouhy
Katherine B. Dobelman
Buck A. Dodson
Barbara S. Dupre' Doggett
Joanne J. and Larry J. Doherty
Kathleen Ann Doherty
Patricia O. Dolan
Wendy G. Dominguez
Curtis Donelson
Kenneth Donelson
Lynne S. Donlon
Patricia A. Dopkin
Kathleen S. Doran
Michael Dorbandt
John F. and Lisa N. Dorn
Karen Dorrier
Tommy L. Doss
Alanna D. Douglas
Emelda J. Douglas
Karen Dourseau
Jacqueline Doyle
Ted and Stacey Doyle
Terzah H. and James E. Doyle
Patrick Drayton
William K. Drell
Carole D. Driscoll
Vic Driscoll
Gregory Dewyain Drummond
Susan Duecy
Angelee M. Duke
L. B. Duke
Agnes M. Dulin
John H. Duncan, Sr.
Robert D. and Marcelynn E. Duncan
Wanda L. Duncan
Sasha G. Dunham
David G. and Joan Dunlap
Brenda R. Dunn
Steven Hall and Karin Dunn
Sam E. and Valerie S. Dunnam
Chinh C. Duong
Damian J. Duplechain
E I duPont de Nemours & Company
Claudia Duran
Juana V. Duran
Fulgencio T. Duremdes
Lataya E. Duren
James L. and Anita M.L. Durham
Peter Durkin
Christine N. Durlam
Kenneth W. and Ruth Ann Dusek
Alfred J. Kahn and Betty M. Duson
Rebecca C. Dutcher
Glen C. and Kathleen A. Duval
Catherine Duyka
Jeff Dye
Phillip B. and Karey D. Dye
Carmel B. Dyer
Monica L. Dyer
Pat T. and Tamara Dyer
Eagles Nest Medical Center
Joseph A. Eaglin
Aya Ealy
Linda G. Earls
Jim  Easterling
Vicki Easterling
Laura A. Easton
Robert L. and Elisabeth S. Easton
Laura Eaton
Michael A. Eckenfels
Gerald K. Eckert
Sarah Eckhardt
Robert B. and Anette T. Edens
Stella B. Edmondson
Jennifer Edney
Ethel Harris Edwards
Janis C. Edwards
Kimberly K. Edwards
Tia W. Edwards and Bobby G. English, Jr.
Mary C. Egert
Christen Egge
Chris Egge
Debra L. Egge
Ralph R. and Sylvia F. Eguren
Margie K. Ehlers
Ardis Eichhorn
Roger Eichhorn
Robert D. and Carrie H. Eickenroht
Ana L. and Robert Eigler
Vesta Eidman
Joanne R. Einhorn
Andrea J. Eisenstein
Susan L. and John W. Elbon, III
Susan N. Eldredge
Gail Eldridge
Elegant Design Shutters
Harlan D. and Michelle Elijah
Deborah M. Elizondo-Brady
Jenny and Jim Elkins Family Fund
James A. Elkins, III
Jenny Elkins
Charles J. and Josephine E. Ellard
Christine and Joshua J. Ellery
Julie C. Elliott
Robert and Etherine Elliott
Pamela Y. Ellis
April D. Ellison
Tara and Eric J. Ellwanger
Debra Sales Elmore
Najat Issam Elsayed
Judith Lee Elson
Bryan T. and Laura Emerson
Encore Caregivers Inc
Noble D. Enete
Johanna N. England
Enviorsoft Inc.
Kelly S. and Michael Epstein
Maxine W. and Henry F. Epstein
Edward E. Erickson
Sharon L. Ervine
K. Lisa McGuire and Hernan Escalante
Nicole Escalante
Pablo Escamilla
Escamilla & Poneck, Inc.
ESCAPE Family Resource Center
Eshbach Retirement Planning
Jay M. Eshbach, II
Ozvaldo U. Esparza
Michael Espinoza
Robert S. and Margaret Estrada
Rita S. Ettlinger
Chris Eubanks
Jessie R. and Archie N. Eubanks
Virginia M.T. and Ted L. Eubanks, Jr.
Nan L. Evans
Patricia A. Evans
Wendy J. Evans
Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center
J. Randolph Ewing
Nanine Ewing
Sonia R. Ewing
Executive Service Corps of Houston
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Marylouise L. Fackler
Adenike Falaye
Rachel E. Falzone
Sallie R.Falzone
Family Service Center
Aubrey M. and Sylvia L. Farb
Farb Family Fund of the GHCF
Dudley T. Farenthold
Wilson D. Fargo
Sabrina Ann Farina
Sara C. Farina
John Farina
Frances Farinde
Anne F. Farish
George R. and Elizabeth S. Farish
Sandra M. Farris
Marie Fasan
Fashion Time
Alison N. Fass
Barbara Fasser
Donna Lee Fasullo
Peter A. and Cheryl C. Fasullo
Sharon Faucette
Virgie Anderson Faulk
Martina E. Faulkner
Joseph E. and Megan J. Faust
Daniel A. and Theresa K. Fawvor
Dany G. Federman
Karen M. Feld
Roney Felder
Max Feldt
William Henry Fell
Alan and Jody M. Ferguson
Courtney D. Ferguson
Jennifer J. and Jack E. Ferguson, Jr.
Terri E. Ferguson
Arieta and Domingo Fernandez
David Fernandez
Jesus Fernandez
Sonia T. Fernandez
Mary Di Ferrante
Robin G. Ferris
Deborah M. and Gary Festner
Janice Compton Fick
Linda G. and Jerry D. Fields
Anahi Myriam Figueroa
Jerry and Nanette Finger Foundation
Jerry E. and Nanette B. Finger
Aaron H. and Perri Fink
Finkelstein Partners, Ltd.
First Choice Emergency Room
Jeff Fischer
R. R. and E.J. Fischer
Charles R. and Pam Fisher
Helen Ann Fisher
Sonia Fisher
Melanie N. Fisk
Reuben E. and Delores M. Fitzgerald
Duggan E. and Nancy D. Flanakin
Eluida H. Flanakin
Susan R. Flanakin
P. O. Fleet
Chuck Fleming
Easter B. Fleming
Francine Fleming
Marian W. Fleming
Erica Hua Fletcher
Priss and Malcolm R. Fletcher, Jr.
Barbara Jean Flores
Juan L. Flores
Orlando Flores
Teresa A. Flores
Keith P. Folger
Muriel Selber Folloder
Kelli M. Fondren
Connie K. Fong
Christopher C. Forbes
Roberta Anne Forbes
Bessie M. Ford
Ellen Ford
George D. and Carol B. Ford
Melinda Lightsey-Ford and Jimmy D. Ford
Michael  S. Ford
Kamila B. Forson
Fort Bend A.L.E.R.T. Inc.
Fort Bend Co. Women's Center, Inc.
Fort Bend Family Health Ctr., Inc.
Ilann Rogers Forte
Michael W. and Georgia G. Foulard
Foundation for Education & Research in Vision Inc
Foundation for Teen Health
Nancy & Edmund Fountain Fund of the GHCF
Lavon Fowler
Fox Counseling Services
Foy & Associates
Stephanie R. and Dana Foy
Janet E. Frakes
Debby Francis
Priscilla A. Francis
Wayne R. Francis
Lynda W. Frank
Rae L. and Sanford Frankel
Felina C. Franklin
Jurline T. Franklin
Denise Frazier
Dineta R. Frazier
Howard and Rachel Frazier
Beverly Joan Freedenthal
Reba M. Freedman
Leila C. and John Freeman
William John Freeman
Charles and Bette Freundlich
Norma Claire Frey
Gary and Fredda Friedlander
Friedman Foundation
Barbara R. Friedman
Jolene B. Friedman
J. Kent and Ann L. Friedman
Friends of Perry Mansfield, Inc.
Donna Froming
J. Pedro and Vesta L. Frommer
Maraiah M. Fryar
Ft. Bend County Child Advocates
Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P.
April N. Fulks
Michael J. and Nancy Fulton
Nancy Marie Fulton
Fund Raising Consultants, Inc.
Arlen G. and Gayle T. Ferguson
Joyce Gabbard
Joel Gabel
Troy Gaddie
Elizabeth Gadson
Eva Gadson
Kimberly Gadson
Katherine M. Bacon
Darcy E. and Joseph W. Gagnon
Matthew Gaines
Sheri C. Gaines
Ruth S. and Carol R. Gairing
Orville D. and Margaret Gaither
Cissy Galan
Byron Dwayne Gale
Shelley Lynn and Tim Galetka
Mary Jo Galle
Susanne W. and William F. Galtney, Jr.
Galtney Family Fund of the GHCF
Karina E. Galvan
Galveston County
Joan M. Gamache
James Gamble
Jamie and Susan Ganc
Diana L. Garbis
Eduardo Garces
Michael Anthony Garces
Diane G. Garcia
Gloria Garcia
Hilda Garcia
Juan and Herlinda Garcia
Mary D. Garcia
Michael Garcia
Monica R. Garcia
Raul E. Garcia
Rebeca I. Garcia
Reynaldo M. Garcia
Stephanie Garcia
Francisco J. Garcia-Torres
Garden Terrace of Houston
James E. and Cathy R. Gardner
Sally Lehr and Dennis Gardner
Sylvia Gardner
Meha Gargi
Elizabeth Ann Garland
Sue E. Garland
Amanda C. Garner
Pamela L. Garrett
Virginia M. and Thomas C. Garrett
Brianna V. Garrison
Suzan L. Garson
Michelle Garth-Jones
Marilu Garza
Jennifer M. Garza
Daniel Garza, Jr.
Alicia Gates
Sandra J. and Joe E. Gates
Norma Gatlin
J. M. Gauvin
William M. Gaw
Wilbur L. Gay
Grace Edith Gearinger
Campbell and Lyn Geeslin
Kristin E. Geiss-Curran
Feven S. Gelai
Christine A. Gembecki and Christopher A. Ilardi
Judy L. and John W. Gentry
Patsy Lynn Gentry
Stephen W. and Margo L. Gentry
Belinda George
Jennifer B. George
Karen O. and Larry D. George
Kayla Jo George
Valorie George
Richard Gerlach, Jr.
Raymond J. St Germain, III
Patricia K. German
Donald L. and Patricia L. German
Abraham Geronimo
Carrie Gerould
Debbie Gersh
James M. and Elizabeth J. Gerson
Judith Geva
Tabinda Ghani
Arlene Gibson
Asia L. Gibson
Catherine C. Gibson
Cynthia A. Gibson
Dale Gibson
Lisa R. Giering
Jill Womack Gilbert
Leila P. and Patrick L. Gilbert
Nita D. Gilbert
Paul R. Gilford
Gary L. and Judy A. Gill
Jacqueline S. Gillan
Sandlin L. and Joy G. Gillen
Maynard and Toni Gimble
Elizabeth A. and Guss Ginsburg
Rebecca A. Ginsburg
Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council
Stuart Buchanan and Sarah Gish
Ellen and Franklin H. Gittess
V. W. Glasper
Brandi M. Glaspie
Miles D. Glaspy
Emilie Anne Glass
Graham P. Glass
Shep Glass
Laurie Lee Glaze
Allison R. Glenney
Norman and Patricia  S. Glosserman
Shari Lynn Glover
Karen B. Glunz
GN Ventures, LTD
Dolores R. Goble
Dinah and Griff Godwin
Penney  Godwin
Lori Goergen
Patricia A. Goforth
Mark Goldberg
Meyer Goldberg
Shepard and Sheila S. Goldberg
Bert H. and Joan Golding
Sarah J. Goldman
Richard Golenko
Sheri L. Golly
Heather H. Goltz
Alma Gomez
Angie Gonzales
Aurelia Gonzales
Christopher S. Gonzales
David Gonzalez
Elizabeth P. Gonzalez
Eugenie Gonzalez
Govinda Y. Gonzalez
Janet Gonzalez
Mary Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez, Jr.
Sussy A. Gonzalez
Barry H. and Carol F. Goodfriend
Gayle Goodman
Margaret and Jerry Dean Goodman
Susan R. and Barry M. Goodman
Annette J. Goodreau
Anthony Goodreau
Mary Goodreau
Margaret Mary Goodrich
Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Diane Barbara Goodwin
Kathy M. Goodwin
Lynn Goodwin
David R. Gordon
Barock A. Goshu
Sefanit A. Goshu
Wonedwossen A. Goshu
Deborah A. Gottlieb
Risa Govella
Rachel E. Gower
Linda A. and Roderick Goyne
Carolyn Honea Grace
Anthony G. and Mary S. Gracely
Amanda E. Graessle
Janie E. and Thomas L. Graham
Janice Granger
Mary L. Granger
George Lofton Grant
Roger D. Grape
Patricia E. Gras
Mickey and Noel Graubart
Sharoma Graves
Allison A. Gray
Amber L. Gray
Arthur Gray
Enod L. Gray
J. Cary and Amber Gray
Jacqueline Gray
Shirley Gray
George Greanias and Elizabeth M. Rice
Greater Lighthouse Church of God
Barbara Schachtel-Green and Louis H. Green
Albert S. Green
Alex C. Green and Genell Greenberg
Evonne Green
Inez C. Green
Minnie Green
Yvonne L. Green
Thomas F. Greenan
S. Greenberg
Tammy F. Greenberg
Sydney R. Greenblatt
Morris  S. and Carol Greene
R. C. Greene
Marianne D. and Larry J. Greenfield
Marianne and B. Greenwood
Gregg & Gregg, PC
Alison M. Gregg
Lynette M. and Dick H. Gregg, Jr.
Warren T. and Julia P. Gregory
Michelle R. Gricus
John I. and Linda Griffin
Lindsay N. Griffin
Mark Griffin, II
Robin Griffin
Ellen E. and Pearson Grimes, Jr.
Michelle E. Grimland
Molly C. Grimmer
Angelina Charles Grindon
Amelia Grinstead
Mark Groblewski
Ernest H. and Carol Groppe
Carol and Henry Groppe Fund of the CFT
Jason C. and Elisabeth C. Gross
John and Ruth Gross
Marc E. Grossberg
Alice M. Gruber
Ruth S. and Gary Grulich
Allen Grundy
Mary Patricia Guay
Mara E. Guebara
Sandra L. Guedel
Luis R. and Ann M. Guerra
Eduardo Guerrero
Gerardo E. Guerrero
Octavio Guerra
Susan Guerrero
Susan E. Guerrero
Renee and Alan Gugenheim
David A. Gugino
Terri Jo Guidry
Mary M. Guillory
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Gulfton Area Neighborhood Org.
Jennifer A. Gulley
Gene Ellen Gundersen
Karen M. and Stephen X. Gunzelman
Lou and Betty Gurich
Louis A. and Marcella M. Gurich
Bianca Gutierrez
Gloria and Richard Gutierrez
Diane J. and David M. Gutman
Dana M. Guzman
Hackett Family Foundation
Dorothy C. Hackney
Suzanne K. Hagen
Colin F. and Debbie Hageney
Ronnie Hagerty
Don H. and Joanie Haley
Andrew Hall
Diana O. Hall
W. Adrian Hall
Sandra Villalobos Ham
Evangelina B. Hammonds
John Robert Hanak
Sharon L. Hanan
Edgar E. and Mary L. Hancock
Steve E. Hancock
Larry Haney
Holly Hankins
Jeanne S. and Russell V. Hanks
Emad F. Hanna
John T. and Rita W. Hannah
Trina Booher Hans
Ella Hansen
Mary Margaret T. Hansen
Victoria J. Hansen
Virginia Hansen
Gwendolyn J. and Thomas Hanson
Margaret L. Hardman-Muye
Diana T. Hardy
John T. and Ann S. Hardy
Pam Hardy
Brian Keith Hare
Andrea and Vasilis Harisis
Mary M. Harlan
Harlan Consulting Services, Inc.
Teeni Harman
John C. and Necia Harp
Josephine Harper
L. B. Harper
Mary P. Harper
Diana M. and Albert L. Harrell, III
Harris County Democratic Party
Harris County Hospital District Foundation
Barbara A. Harris
Betty Harris
Carol C. Harris
Donald E. Harris
Gerald E. and Ana-Maria Harris
Nancy W. Harris
Sandra C. Harris
Lisa Harrison
Molly E. Harrison
Stacey and Frank G. Harrison
Hart Galleries
Dawn J. and Douglas Hart
Kathleen M. Hart
Joyce Hartman
Edna B. Harvey
Helene Harvey
Rachel A. Harvey
Lisa D. Harville
Sarah C. Hass
Mark W. Hastings
Elmer and Virella Hathorne
Jonathan Hathorne
Theresa Ann Hatton
Larry Hawkins
Russell and Diana M. Hawkins
Randol A. and Amelia P. Haworth
Patricia S. and Lawrence Haydel
Hayes & Wilson
Lakisha R. Hayes
Thomas R. Hayes
Sara W. Haynes
Katy and Clyde Hays
Samuel Hayward and Phyllis S. Tanksley
Gloria L. Haywood
HCA Belle Park Hospital
HD Productions Inc
Erin G. Heard
The Hearst Corporation
Hearthstone Animal Clinic
Chelsea M. Hebert
Aaron B. Hebert
Roxana Hebert
David T. Hedges, Jr.
Henrique Heemsen
Amanda J. Heilman
Jean and William H. Heilman
Shelly Kay Heinrichs
Pearl B. Heller
Charles C. and Miriam T. Hendee
Sandra J. Henderly
Bernice M. and Edward E. Henderson
M. James and Mary M. Henderson
Jerry  W. Hendricks
Kelly Jean Hendrickson
Caroline G. Hendrix
Dennis & Jeannie Hendrix Foundation
Dennis R. and Jennie Hendrix
Carolyn Ann Hengst
Alan Miller Henley
Sari and Davis Henley
Clarence L. Hennesey
Lori Ellen Henning
Clarissa Henry
Mark S. Herbold
Sue and Mickey Herskowitz
Lindsey Herferth
Herman Family Fund of Greater Houston Community Foundation
Gloria L. Herman
Leroy L. and Barbara V. Hermes
Karla C. Hernandez
Alejandro and Sandra M. Hernandez
Conception Hernandez
Javier Ricardo Hernandez
Joe D. and Juanita Hernandez
Elena R. Gonzalez and John R. Herrera
Lori Herring
Cynthia J. and William O. Herrington
Deandra L. Herron
James and Dianne Herron
Hershel M. Rich Investments
Kelly A. and Clive W. Hess
Rhonda G. Hester
Robert F. Heyl and Margaret Minogue-Heyl
Frances F. Heyman
Ann D. Hibbert
Patti J. Hickerson
Kathryn G. Higginbotham
W. H. Higginbotham
Robert C. Highley
Mary Ann and Gerard B. Hilbig
Jeffery & Melinda Hildebrand Fund GHCF
Jeff D. and Melinda B. Hildebrand
Andrew A. Hill
Cedric Gerard Hill
Dale B. and Frank D. Hill, III
Kathleen G. Hill
Roslyn Hill
Shirley M. and Melvin Hill
Elsie and John Hillan
Karen L. Hilton
Suzanne Hinds
Jeffrey C. and Wendy J. Hines
Cynthia A. Hinesley
Hinson, Inc.
Susan J. Hitchcock
Blair E. Hix
Robert B. and Sarita Hixon
Patsy Hlavinka
Anges Y. B. Ho
James J. and Denny Hodge
Robert Howell Hodge
Leon and Angela M. Hodrick
Jeannine E. Hoffman
Irene Cafcalas Hofheinz Foundation
Lee W. and Marnie Hogan
Sharon Hogan
Lenetta Hogue
Dan and Karen Holcombe
James Dale Holder
Kimberly Hollard
Phillip A. Hollard
F. Blaine and Judith B. Hollinger
Karen Holloman
Lynn P. and Bill H. Holloway, II
Karen A. Holmes
Tonya M. Holmes
Holocaust Museum Houston
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids
Robert Holton
Home Instead Senior Care
Soo Sum Hong
Hope After The Journey
Hope Personal Assistance Services
Irene J. Hopkins
Robert M. Hopson
Joy Horak-Brown
Carrie M. Horne
Duane Horne
Hope Horne-Horne
Annette Horsch
Cynthia P. Horton
Gina K. and Robert W. Horuff
Ashley Horwitz
Krystle L. Hosmer
Harvey R. Houck, Jr.
Melissa Harbich Houser
Housing Opportunities of Hou., Inc.
Randryia L. Houston
Houston Achievement Place
Houston Annenberg Challenge
Houston Area Community Services Inc
Houston Area Urban League, Inc.
Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters
Houston Chronicle
Houston Community Health Center Inc
The Houston Golf Association
Houston Group Psychotherapy Society
Houston Preparatory School, Inc.
Houston Style Magazine
Houston Volunteer Lawyers Prog., Inc.
Houston-National Hispanic Council
Max E. Howard
Randall K. and Jo Howard
Evelyn Howell
Ronald E. and Gail B. Howell
John and Julie Howie
Katherine Hubbard and Anise D. Parker
Naushad Huda
Glenna Francene Hudgins
Christine Hudson
Evelyn K. Huey
Michelle E. Hughes
Samuel K. and Rachel E. Huisman
Lula Belle Huitt
Jerry W. Humble
Felicia A. Humphery
Nancy A. Humphreys
Linda C. and Barry C. Hunsaker, Jr.
Howard Hunt
Angela Hunter
Patsy H. Hunter
Veralisa P. Hunter
Steve Huntley
Mica Hurley
Suzanne Hurley
Carol E. and Jesse H. Hurst, II
Darlene C. Hurt
Alan J. Hurwitz
Alan D. and Glen G. Husak
Richard E. and Charmin M. Husty
Deborah M. Hutchison
Linda Hampton Hyams
Rosalie Hyde
Richard W. and Loree Hylton
Ferne and Harold Hyman
I Have A Dream Houston
Ruth A. Ibe-Ngumezi
Dina Ibrahim
Janet H. Ibrahim
Phieby J. Ibrahim
Industrial Power & Lighting Corp.
Darrell and Karen S. Ingram
Initiatives for Children, Inc.
Inst Spirituality Health Tx Med Cntr
The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Integrity Tire & Auto
Interfaith Ministries
Paul Edmund Isaacs
Andrew S. Iskander
Rose Mary Istre
Marvin R. and Nelda P. Itzep
Leigh Ivey
J & J Furniture Sleep Shop, Inc.
Patricia A. Royce Jaber
Margaret Di Jacklin
Daryl Jackson
Debra R. Jackson
Dewana P. Jackson
Gail A. Jackson
James P. Jackson
Jenifer L. Jackson
Jennifer E. Jackson
Jeremy M. Jackson
Juanita J. Jackson
Keiundra Jackson
LaDonna Jackson
Melissa P. Jackson
Rachel M. Jackson
Richard and Sandra Jackson
Robert H. Jackson
Rose Marie Jackson
Sandra G. and Richard A. Jackson
Sarah E. Jackson
Esther M. Jacob
V'Boy A. Jacob
Brian E. Jacobi
Theresa Jacobsen
Alan M. and Rochelle Jacobson
Lloyd Jacobson
Cecilio Jaime
James Coney Island, Inc.
James Dick Foundation
Allison A. James
Rasheda James
Dana C. Janczak
Kara Lauren Janecek
Lisa M. Janes
Janus Associates
Jenifer W. Jarriel
Jarvis Johnson Campaign Account
Mary A. Jay-Schoenemann
The JBD Foundation
JD Fields & Company Inc
JD Universe LTD
Alvinette Jefferson
Jacquelyn Jefferson
Andrew L. Jefferson, Jr.
Marlene S. Jehnke
Kay L. Jenkins
Nathan Jenkins
Daniel E. and Mary V. Jennings
Sheara W. Jennings
Allison Jensen
Christine B. Jessee
Jewish Community Center of Houston
Jewish Family Service
David Jobe
Margaret J. Jobsis
John Daugherty Realtors
Dick and Ramona John
Jyothis John
Elizabeth Johns
Johns Hopkins University
Willard & Ruth Johnson Charitable Fdn
John W. & Ann K. Johnson Foundation
Angelle C. Johnson
Annette T. Johnson
Belle Griggs Johnson
Carol Ann and Rolfe Johnson
Catherine E. Johnson
Crystal Johnson
Donna C. Johnson
Ferol and Olin G. Johnson
Georgette A. Johnson
Jannara L. Johnson
Jarvis and Charlene Johnson
Jill K. Johnson
John W. and Ann K. Johnson
Reta Johnson
Sigmund P. Johnson, Jr.
Kelsey A. Johnson
Kierra S. Johnson
Kim S. Johnson
Mary Alice Johnson
Murlin N. Johnson
Norlan J. Johnson
Richard J. V. Johnson
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Seante M. Johnson
Sylvia S. Johnson
Nancy E. Johnson-Gallagher
Brent Johnston and Anna Highnote
Margaret I. Johnston
Peter G. Jolin
Jonathan & Sally Reyes Fdn of the FCGF
Amy K. Jones
Ann W. and Arthur Jones
Charlotte and Chester Jones
Diana Jones
Donovan Jones
Frank G. and Debbie Jones
Jesse H. Jones, II
Joanna Allen Jones
Marion H. and Victor T. Jones, III
Mary  S. Jones
Mindy L. and Sid Jones
Pamela J. Jones
Ratthan A. Jones
Rosemary E. Jones
Sonia Jones
Sybil H. Jones
Thomas M. Jones and Pamela S. Higgins
Charles M. and Jeanette Jordan
Sharon M. and Eric Jorgeson
Joshua's Pharmacy
Alan D. Julson and Shelly J. Dittmar
Sam Jun
Sandra P. and Richard Jung
Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas
Theresa L. Juroska
Just Born Inc
D. Blair and Rita Justice
Drs. Justice Char Gift Fund of the FCGF
KAB Ventures
Becky Kaminsky
Elizabeth Karff Kampf
Donna Kamyszek
Leslie B. Kane
Heather Kanenberg
Dennis T. Kao
Helen B. Kapiloff
Charles D. Kaplan
Sondra J. Kaplan and Jerome S. Wald
Shelley Karber
Samuel E. and Joan Karff
Miriam Kass
Shirley Katzin
Ann & Stephen Kaufman Foundation for the GHCF
Patricia A. Kaufman
Raymond H. Kaufman
Rich and Laura W. Kaufman
Stephen M. and Ann P. Kaufman
Reba L. Kay
Kay's Kar Wash
Deborah T. and Floyd M. Kearns
Thomas J. and Susan H. Keefe
D. M. Keeper
Gary L. Keeper
J. L. Keeper
Seline H. Keeper
William Paul Keith
Carol Kelleher
Laura W. and Karl Keller
Frank W. Kelley
David K. Kelling
Mary Lou and William J. Kelly
Melinda K. Kelso
Alice R. Kemp
Carol A. Kemp
Lebbeus C. Kemp, Jr.
Margaret A. and Hill P. Kemp
Kari E. Kennedy
Kathryn F. and Robert Kennedy
Laura Kennedy
Rodney Kennedy
Marilyn J. Kennerson
Elizabeth M. and Scott M. Kent
Juliana Kerker
Helen Sue Kerlick
Kerlick Company, Inc.
Rex Leroy Kesler
Alice A. and Robert L. Ketchand
James L. and Kathryn Ketelsen
James L &  Kathryn L Ketelsen Charitable Foundation
Miranda A. Key
Carmichael Khan
Rashada Khan
Manorama and Shanti Khinduka
Elizabeth W. and Albert N. Kidd
Marilois M. Kierman
Mimi Kilgore
Gay Killough
John Kim
Tai Kim
Brad Kimberly
Renee J. Kimmel
Donald Kincaid
Janice R. Kinchion
Anne L. Kinder
Nancy and Richard D. Kinder
Peter A. Kindle
J. Stephen and Carol King
Jimmy K. King
Kathrine King
Patricia A. King
Patricia P. King
Trish King
Susan Templeton Kinney
Leroy Kinney
Thomas P. Kipp
Margaret Ann Kirkendall
Frances B. and John Kissell
Pamela J. Kissinger
Janine Klassen
Gayle Klaybor
Ethan M. Klein
Rick L. Kline
Margaret K. and Stephen L. Klineberg
Carmen and A. John Knapp, Jr.
Darla S. Knight
Elizabeth Bohen Knight
Carla Knobloch
Robert W. & Pearl Wallis Knox Fdn.
Max Knudson
Christine R. Kobes
John Kobza
Sandra S. Kocian
Davonna W. Koebrick
Phyllis S. and George H. Koenig
Clair Koepsel
Brandee H. Kohler
Kathleen P. Kokernot
Virginia M. Kolter
Beverly and Richard H. Koos
Kimberly A. Korczynski
Barbara G. and Charles C. Kraft
Ilene T. and Donal L. Kramer
Nancy Krasny
Molly Krasoff
Lawrence D. Kraus
William E. and Paula J. Krause
Jerome R. and Jean Krebs
Sandra Kremer
Frank and Marilyn Kretzer
Stella M. Krieger
Kristen Cares Inc
Richard H. and Bobbie Kristinik
The Kroger Company Foundation
Elizabeth G. and Matt Krohn
Nancy Krueger
Susan O. and Gary Kruk
Shawn P. Krzykowski
Marybelle Krzyzkowski
Kara L. Kubena-Janecek
Kudela & Weinheimer LP
Marcus A. Kufbji
Marcus Akin Kufeji
Cherry Kugle
Kevin M. Kulish and Beverly A. McPhail
Pamela Kumar
Li-Hung Kuo
Maria Kurchevskaya
Raymond W. Kurtz, Jr.
Michael Kutosi
Kathleen C. and Michael Kuznicki
Eleanor H. Kyle
Marilyn J. Ladin
Andrew W. Ladner
Lee Alan and Virginia D. Lahourcade
Charlene Maguire Lairson
Kay Beth Lake
Muoi S. Lam and Yen Nguyen
Gerald Lamar
Nanci T. and John C. Lamar
Donna C. Lamb
Mark Lamberth
Gloria C. Lamkian
Blanca M. Lancaster
Land Home and Ranch Realty
Wayne William Land, Jr.
Michael D. and Lisa H. Landers
Linda Landry
Angela Langolf
Ronald  E. and Margaret  W. Langston
Lanier Operating Foundation
Robert C. Lanier
Mary Jane and Charles J. Lamonte, Jr.
Martha Wills Lantz
Eve S. and Robert E. Lapin
Susan K. and Jack Lapin
Janie C. LaQue
Joel Lara
Linda S. Larkin
Marlene LaRoe
Guy C. and Lois LaRose
Larry & Katherine Fund
Claire B. Larsen
Sydney S. Larson
William F. Lassiter
Harriet C. and Truett Latimer
Donna Latoy
Jean K. Latting
Nora Laufman
Diane and Dean Laumen
Laurelwood Hospital
Law Office of Will G. Dickey PLLC
Jim Lawhon
Dwight H. Lawrence
Mary S. Lawrence
Risa J. Lawson
Stanley D. Lawson
Lawson's Auto Service, Inc.
Lisa B. Layne
Joan Lazarus
LCDR G. Aguilar
Thach Nguyen Le
Roberta M. Leal
Christy  Leal
Susan Becker Leal
Althea Lecadre
Ann Lecompte
Eileen A. LeCompte
Marilyn Cory Leddy
Lee Next Step Fund
El Franco and Ethel K. Lee
Elwyn C. and Sheila J. Lee
Esther Lee
Gilbert and Stacey M. Lee
Gladys Lee and Larvey Birdwell
A. J. Lee, Jr.
Rose and Jennings B. Lee, Jr.
Peter C. Y. and Tria T.O. Lee
Wea Hwa and Catherine Chu Lee
William G. Lee
Jan E. Leger
Geraldine and Kenneth E. Lehrer
Nadia Narco Leibovitz
Susan and Brian J. Lemmon
Bettye Ann Lemon
Helen Theodosia Lemons
Helen C. Carrick and Thomas F. Lemons, Jr.
Lynn Lenert
Sharon Leno
Januari Michelle Leo
Linda Idalia Leon
Diane N. and Ronald S. Lepow
Louis D. and Beverly L. Lerner
William A. Lester
Harriet S. Leveen
Gary L. and JoAnn Levering
Paula G. and Christopher Leveston
Nancy S. Levicki
James B.Raser and Susan B. Levin
H. Fred and Velva Levine
Joseph Levitan
Bubba Levy
Irvin L. and Joan S. Levy
Moises and Janina E. Levy
Barbara and Barry Lewis
Carol A. Lewis
Edward M. Lewis
Elsie H. Lewis
Lisa Van Vleet Lewis
Mary Ruth Lewis
Raymond J. Lewis, Jr.
Sandy and Randy Lewis
Sara V. Lewis
LFK Trust of October 9th 1974
Alice J. and George P. Lias, Sr.
Ann N. and Mitchell H. Liberman
William Michael Lidwell
Irene S. Lieban
Craig and Beth Lieberman
Libby G. Lieberman
William T. Lightsey
Charles W. Ligon
Katharine Ligon
Linda Ligon
Leo E. and Mary Ellen Linbeck, III
Gerald Lind
Jennifer Lind
Marsha Lind
Sheila O. Lindsay
Carl L. and Penny E. Lindsey
Andrea and Richard Link
Carole Linseisen
John Linskey
Sandra Ann Linton
Alton A. and Bernice Lipkin
Allison C. Lipnick
Joseph Lira
Literacy Advance of Houston
Carolyn M. Litowich
Anne U. Litsey
Ted C. and Anna W. Litton
Sheila Liu
Wenjing Liu
Dawn Lively
Nikki M. Lively
Harry D. Livesay
LKF Trust of October 9th 1974
Elisabeth and Joe E. Llamas
Gary A. Lloyd
Local Connections, Inc.
Locke Lord LLP
Larry B. and Francine R. Lockhart
Stephen Todd Loden
Patricia Kay Loeffler
Klinka and John H. Lollar, III
Nancy R. and James W. Lomax, II
Howard London
Camonia R. Long
Dianne M. Long
Fronischia S. Long
Mark W. and Susan L. Long
Susan D. Long
Gerald J. Longoria
Les Shireman and Vicki Longwill
Larry Loop
Alison L. Lootens
Virgina L. Lootens
AnaMichelle Lopez
Christina A. Lopez
Fred M. and Joyce B. Lopez
Mary R. Lopez
Raybarn D. Lopez
Sandra A. Lopez
James F. Loree
Jon P. and Tanya S. Lorence
Pamela Lorzadeh
Deanna E. Benjamin and D.L. Lottman
Peg Underwood Lough
Jeff B. and Katherine B. Love Foundation
Betty Jean Love
Jeff B. and Katherine B. Love
Karen Love
Marjorie S. Love
Mildred R. and Orval R. Love
Paul B. and Nicole Love
Linda Loveall
Tena Lovell
Dorothy R. Lowe
Robbie K. Lowrey
Connie L. and Ty Loyd
D. Lee Lozano
Robert D. Lozano and Isabel Guerrero-Lozano
Sterling Minor and Ellen L. Luby
John Lucher
Lucia's Garden
Mona L. Lugay
Yma M. Luis
Sharon K. Lum and Steven G. Eng
Nora M. and Robert Lundeen
Kim T. Luong
Stacie Luprete
Lutheran Campus Ministry
Amanda A. Luu
Lyceum Books, Inc.
James D. and Pamela G. Lyle
Lymphoma Foundation of America
Paul Lynch
Cynthia J. Lynn
John M. and Susan M. Lynn
Larry Lyons
MAA Houston Investments, LLC
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Ki Bui Ma
Kerrie Maas
Mac House, Inc.
Harry E. and Cora Sue Mach
Jemina D. MacHarry
Robert N. and Carrole L. Mackey
Thomas J. MacKin
MACSC & Housing Inc
Lori G. Maculo
James E. and Martha Ann Madget
Daniel A. and Jenny Magill
Bebe C. Magruder
Mahatma Gandhi Library, Inc.
Lisa Mahon
Ciara N. Major
Wadie and Hoda Malaty
Marsha Amdur Malev
Krystal D. Mallett
April C. Malone
Benny Kathrine Malone
Aileen R. Maloney
Lisa Maloney
Timothy R. Maloney
Sondera M. Malry
Manage Rent Houses
Managed Health Network, Corp.
Jo Anne D. Mandel
Peter and Greta J. Mandell
Heidi Mandl
Manfred Sternberg & Assoc., P.C.
Amy Jean Manierre
Christine Maniscalo
Marian L. Mankin
Al Mann
Beverly Maisel Manne
Burton G. Manne and Jane Gross-Manne
Elizabeth Manuel
Virginia D. Manuel
Carlos R. Manzanares
Daniel F. and Erika Marchione
Caroline Z. Marcos
Paul Marcus
Marek Family Foundation
Allison C. Marek
R. Stan and Reinnette M. Marek
Azucena Y. Mares
J. M. Mariner, Sr.
E. Angele Marino
Lynn M. and Manasa Merkel
J. Michael Marks
Josephine A. Marks
Peter J. and G. Denise Marks
Marshall and Joan L. Marley
Stephen A. and Jane J. Marmion
Natalie R. Marquis
James C. and Summer D. Marrow
Carol Marsh
Nadine Marsh
Tonja Marshall
Leah Martaindale
Carol C. and Robert E.Martin
Charlotte Carol Martin
Debbie Martin
Kristi S. and Earle P. Martin, Jr.
Karyn Martin
Marc C. Martin
Mary Ann Martin
Micah Martin
Roderick Douglas Martin
Sandra Martin
Sharon K. Martin
Sherry Martin
Wayne Martin
Elizabeth A. Martindale
Bonnie Martindale
Russell J. and Julie Martineau
Christina A. Martinez
Consuelo Martinez
Enedina Martinez
Jose Martinez
Liliana Martinez
Lisa A. Martinez
Nereida B. Martinez
Paolo F. Martinez
Neftali Martinez-Rodriguez
Monica Masini
Karan Mason
Sharmeen M. Master
P. J. Mastro
Marcia C. Mata
Royce Mathew
Germaine L. and Frank Mathisen
Megan Mathison
John H. Mathison
Theresa Marie Matocha
Anthony J. Matranga
Sheila R. Matthew
Sherin M. Mathew
Cinda and Bill Matthews
Dru Matthews
Frank F. and Dorothy Matthews
Jeannine Jones Matthews
Michele L. Matthews
Paul and Barbara Matthews
Reginald S. Matthews
Richard A. and Jimmie W. Matthews
Abul Q. Maudoodi
Ruqqayya H. Maudoodi
Maria E. Malakoff Maxey
Carol Schaffner Maxwell
Mary L. Maxwell
Elizabeth W. May
Melinda May
Mayer Charitable Fund of ACF
Eric J. and Isabelle J. Mayer
Neysha M. Mayes
Paulette L. Mayfield
Roger P. Mayhugh
Edward B. Mayo
Eric W. Mayo
Jessica N. Mays
Aleksey M. Mayzenberg
Julia E. and Jack B. Mazow
Elizabeth D. and Ben B. McAndrew, III
Georgia B. McBridge
James R. and Claudia McCabe
Sharon K. and Roger S. McCabe
Dianne L. McCale
Kelly McCann
Janet and Louis McCarter
Kathryn N. McCarter
Alice M. McCarthy
Amber McCarthy
Charles G. McCarthy and Susan Cole
Mary J. and John J. McCarthy
Dawn Aldava McCarty
Denell and James McCaul
Helen E. McCaul
Julie A. McCaul
Terry McCaul
Jacqueline G. McCauley
Kara M. McClain and Jonathan S. Tilbury
Marion A. McCollam
Gary W. and Shari Lynn McCormack
Jennifer McCormack
Barbara and James McCormick
Kelley McCormick
Michael J. McCormick
Leanna McCowan
Mary Catherine McCoy
Maggie L. McCreary
Melissa F. McCrimmon
Judith M. and Donald M. McCullough
Carl W. McDaniel
Marilyn A. McDermott
Sheila T. McDonald
Paul McElroy
Catalina W. McElwain
Ann M. McFarland
Virginia McFarland
Barbara McGinty
Fred and Dianne M. McGuire
William W. McGee
Barbara Ann and Michael L. McGinity
Kenneth McGinity
Beverly McGlasson
Carol Carter McGowan
Mark T. McGrath
Betty Lynn and David McHam
Sandra and Adams McHenry
Brian L. and Angie McIntosh
Saralyn Brooke Mciver
Kasey B. Mckee
Jim McKibben
Laurence E. McKinney
Evelina McKinzie
John L. McKnight
Jennifer L. McLafferty
Margaret A. and James T. McLaughlin
Robert J. McLaughlin
Nichelle and Jason A. McLemore
Thad L. McLemore and Yvonne Champion
Quynh-Anh T. McMahan
Joan L. McMillan
Marvin H. McMurrey, Jr.
Sue Henderson McMurrey
Robert & Janice McNair Foundation
Robert C. and Janice McNair
Kathleen M. McNamara
Kelly A. McNamara
Maureen McNamara
Nicole McWhorter
Melissa Lynne McWilliams
Rhonda Jean McWilliams
Wendy Q. and Patrick M. McWilliams
Laura M. Meares
Lisa M. Mears
MEDCO Medical Supply
Gerardo Medina
Irma D. Medina
George M. and Lena R. Medley
George M. Medley, III
Medpartners/Kelsey Seybold
Nereida and Rafael A. Medrano, Jr.
Ruthanne Mefford
Deepa Mehta
Lucile B. Melcher
Liza A. Melendez
Olinda M. and Bernardo Melendez
Memorial Hermann Hospital System
Memorial City Rehabilitation Hosp.
Carol J. Engel-Mendelovitz and Mark C. Mendelovitz
Rene M. and Elnora P. Mendias
Felipe and Karla Mendoza
Jennifer M. Mendoza
Vera Mendoza
Kathleen Meng
The Menninger Clinic
Nancy Opoku Mensah
Mental Health America of Greater Houston
John Meredith
Richard Meredith
The Merfish-Jacobson Foundation
Pamela A. Merhan
Meridell Achievement Center, Inc.
Frances J. Meriwether
Carolyn M. and Stephen M. Merrill
Mary Kay Merriman
Stan Merriman
Andy and Denise Mersmann
Nicolo Messana
David B. and Sharon C. Messersmith
Gregory Joseph Metcalf
Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Susan and John Meurling
Christina A. and Raymond Meyers
Lauren R. Meyers
Yvonne M. Meza
Hirut S. Michael
Kris Michelle Michalke
Gary and Debra A. Michel
Larry S. Micheletti
Karen S. Haynes and Jim Mickelson
Mark T. Middlebrooks
Gary O. Middleton
Kirk O. and Laura E. Middleton
Owen and Nell Middleton
Sharon Egland Middleton
James Midgley
Joyln Mikow
Ruth K. and Douglas Milburn
Mildred Yount Manion Charitable Fdn
Adele L. Miller
Beverly J. Miller
Brian R. Miller
Fay T. and Irwin Miller
Gail K. Miller
Jennifer P. Miller
Judith Ann Miller
Kelly Miller
Kerry A. Miller
Marilyn M. Miller
Matthew J. Miller
Misty M. Miller
Phyllis W. Miller
Valerie H. Miller
Vicki L. Miller
Sandi Mills
Joan R. Minchen
Toni Minion
Regina K. and John T. Minton, III
Lana Mione
Ramon E. and Evelyn S. Miro
Walter M. and Leila W. Mischer, Jr.
Larry G. Misiak
Mitchell Insurance Agency
Catherine Mitchell
Ethel Mitchell
Mary L. Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell
Rachael J. and Robert C. Mittendorf
Eileen G. Moe
Carrie Moffitt
Vincent L. and Marilyn Mogas
Aida Luz Molano
Amber and Jeffrey W. Mollhagen
Harold B. Monday, Jr.
Carol A. Montedonico
Denise D. Monteleone
William A. Monteleone, Jr.
Lucresia Montez
Montgomery County United Way
Jerry A. and Gwen C. Montgomery
Patricia H. Montgomery
Robert Montgomery
Gabrielle Montoya
Montrose Counseling Center
Che Moody
Donald Moody, Jr.
Iler B. and Steve Moody
Mattie M. Moody
Sheridan  Moody
Sam A. Moonesan
Sarah C. Moonesan and Zachary Leifest
Curtis and SuEllen Mooney
Carol J. Moor
Moore and Hunt
David A. and Cheryl L. Moore
Georgia A. Moore
Lauren A. Moore
Mari D. and Christopher J. Moore
Marian Moore
Mary D. and Jack H. Moore
Miesha Moore
Nancy Powell Moore
Patrick Moore
Roland B. Moore, III
William P. and Grace W. Moore
Kimberley Moore-Ballard
Monica J. Morales
Sharron K. Moreland
Brittnee S. Morgan
Margaret Anelaine Morgan
A. J. Morris and Ann Wheeler
Dana A. and Richard A. Morris
Edwin W. Morris, Jr.
Ethel B. Morris
John Hampson Morris
Karen M. and William W. Morris
Melissa S. Morris
Pamela D. Morris
Mosbacher Foundation Inc
Catherine L. Mosbacher
Robert Mosbacher, Jr.
Moseley Associates,Inc., Architects
Louis David Moser
David A. Moss
Vivian Sheila Moss
N. R. Moxley
MSC Design
Mary Frances Mueller
Maxine Mueller
Susan K. Mulligan
Claudia I. Mullin
Jana Mullins
Multi Donors
Jack Munfield
Michele Marie Munzner
Douglas D. Koch and Marcia D. Murphey
Janice & Paul Murphy Family Fd of GHCF
Anne M. Murphy
Gregory D. Murphy
James P. Murphy, Sr.
Janice W. Murphy
Mary Murphy
Paul B. and Katherine Murphy
Rhysa Lee Murphy
Maureen Murphy-Rolfe
Phillip B. Murray
Mustang CAT
Jerry V. and Lana Mutchler
Anne K. and Marc J. Myers
Jeanette M. Myers
Jessie Myers
Sandra B. Myles
Lynn Ann and Ronald V. Mylius
Gwendolyn M. Myran
N.A.H.C.P., Inc.
Emanuel Nadelman
Cindy M. and Thomas A. Nagelhout
Mary Frances Najarian
Paula Naquin
Terence T. Narcisse
Sarah A. Narendorf
Eugenia R. Nash
Keith Nathan
National Association of Black Social Workers
National Association of Social Workers Foundation
National Association of Social Workers Texas
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Lone Star Chapter
Marianne W. Naylor
Loddie Naymola
Terrylin G. Neale and Dick Dalton
Brett S. Needham
Dawn E. Nelson
H. Joe Nelson, III
Roy E. and Carolyn Nelson
John J. Nemeth
Brenda K. Nesbitt
Natalie L. Nesbitt
Anne G. and Edward Ness
Bassma Nessim
Miryam Nessim
William O. and Kay F. Neuhaus, III
Michelle Neveu
Neha Nevrekar
Alesia K. New
New Counseling Center
New Life Ventures, Inc.
Ellen O. and Zachary Newell
Toby E. and Richard L. Newman
Regina A. and James Newsome
Kevin A. Newton
Alyson L. Nguyen
Charles V. Nguyen
Chau T. Nguyen
David Nguyen
Hang Nguyen
Madalena Nguyen
Minh Tuyen Nguyen
Pamela Nguyen
Peter V. Nguyen
Thoi T. Nguyen
Erin E. Nichols
Gary and Sue A. Nichols
James E. Nichols
Maria E. Nightingale
Melissa A. Nino
Cathy and Gary Nokes
Janell M. Nokes
Betsy Nolan
Deborah L. Nolly
Julia L. Nolte
Wayne L. Norden and Jonie M. Weir
Hope Nordmeyer
Julia M. Norlin
Gary L. Norman
Northchase Associates
Northern Trust Bank
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Mary C. Norton
Howard and Laurie Novetsky
Paul C. and Mary F. Nugent
Lynda Null
Priscila Nunez
Joy Nur
Nutrition Consulting Services
Jessica Brena Nweke
Noel Obregon
Violet O'Brian
Candace H. O'Connell
Maureen C. O'Connell
Barbara C. O'Connor
Charline C. O'Dell
Thomas David O'Dell
Jacqueline H. O'Donnell
Jacqueline M. O'Donnell
Josephine H. O'Donnell
Louise A. O'Donnell
Lyden Odukwu
E. Staman and Beverly Ogilvie
Joni L. Ogle
Ethan Ogletree
Leona Ohrt
Jolecelle Okruhlik
Juan F. and Xochitl K. Olguin
Juan J. Olivero
Michael J. Olson
Donna J. Olson-Salas and Horacio F. Salas-Isnardi
Keith J. and Holly A. Olszewski
Olanike Oluwole
Reyna Olvera
Christopher D. O'Neil
Emmanuel O. Oni
Optimum Personal Care Inc.
Ashly M. Ordaz
Erica Orellana
James Kevin Orellana
Melanee Orellana
Patricia N. Orji
Miguel  A. Ortega
Hanni S. Orton
Amina Osagie
Felix and Karen Osegueda
George T. Oser
William J. Osher, M.D.
Raymond M. and Carla Oshman
Lisa A. Osten
Paula D. Ostrove
Christopher N. and Genevieve K. O'Sullivan
G. Ott Jones and Bill Ott
Katherine Thompson Otte
Otter Island Foundation
Nancy Jane Otto
S. Kathy Overly
Lexey A. and John K. Ownby
Holly K. Oxhandler
Allyson R. Ozmer
Amy A. Padgett
Jessica L. Palmer
Margot T. Morris and Jeff L. Palmer
Patricia Palmer
Guadalupe Palos
Li Ping Pan
Avani Pandya
Panhandle Energy
Sukayna Panju
Angela Lee Panzica
Shaw-Juin Chen Pao
Imogen S. Papadopoulos
Emilia V. Papavasiliou
Joseph F. Papick
Debra S. Parant
Nancy H. and Oliver Parchois
Andrea Pardo
Rafael Pardo
Krupa D. Parikh
Gilbert W. Parish
Byron K. Parker
Carl Parker
Jamie L. Parker
Jane P. Parker
Marcian R. Parker
Richard Parker
Ronald B. Parker
Divyakant S. and Hansa D. Parikh
Danielle and Reuben G. Parrish
Cathy Parrott
Deborah A. Parrott
Partners/5 West
Party and Reception Center Inc
Angela M. Passaretti
Carrin F. Patman
Susan E. Pato
Michael S. Patrick
Rhonda G. Patrick
S. W. and Susan K. Patrick
Marjorie B. Patten
James N. and Beth Patterson
LaShic M. Patterson
Linda L. Patterson
Raquel N. Patterson
Sonya C. Patterson
Barbara and John Patton
James M. and Barbara M. Paulk
Paula W. and Jordan J. Paust
Cynthia Pavlock
Suzanna T. Paxton
Dorothy Payton
Susan H. and Albert Peacock
Abu-Ali Peerbhai
Raina M. Pelofsky
Charles N. and Frances P. Pendergraft
Jane M. Pendergrass
Morton Penn
Joseph James Pennese
Lena I. Penson
Nicole Peralta
Remigio and Nelie Peralta
Jim M. and Patricia C. Perdue
The Perdue Law Firm, L.L.P.
Elena Pereira
Ana E. Perez
Angelica Perez
Anita C. Perez
Anita Perez
Anthony Perez
Blanca Angelica Perez
Edgar Perez
Joe A. Perez
Derrick Perkins
Esther Madrid Perrine
Brent and Carole Perry
Cheryl M. Perry
Evelyn Perry
George Perry
Linda Perry
Pamela J. Perry
Roni and Wes W. Perry
Larry and Lynda Perryman
Personal Care Homes of Texas, Inc.
Mary Tere B. Perusquia
Bette S. and Richard Pesikoff
Larissa Peter
Kris M. Peterek
Cynthia A. Peters
Patrick A. Peters and Elizabeth L. Gregory
Florence M. Peterson
Peterson Consulting Inc.
Jessica M. Peterson
Shirley Ann Peterson
Travis Peterson
Michael A. and Mary E. Petitt
Petracom, Inc.
Cheryl L. Petre-Okamoto
Theola Petteway
Deborah L. and Alan T. Pfeiffer-Traum
PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Foundation
Chaney J. and Jessica Phillips
Darlene Phillips
Elizabeth Phillips
Sidney H. and Don W. Phillips
Mary Anne Piacentini
Caroline Zorn Pickens
Gregory A. Pickett
Jarrett R. and Jessica Pierce
N. J. Pierce
James G. Pierre
Patrice Pike
Carolyn J. Pincheck
Pines Presbyterian Church
Kathryn A. Pinheiro
Gary L. Pinkerton
Carole A. Pinkett
Monica Piquet-Rodriguez
Jeanine H. and Nicholas C. Piskurich
Dorothea S. Pitikas
Stephen M. and Sarah J. Pitt
PJ's Sports Bar
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc.
Tom D. Plant
Julie C. and Regis M. Platek
Plaza Specialty Hospital
Neal E. and Leona B. Pleasant
Neal E. Pleasant Living Trust
Shelley Pleasant
Sondra W. Pleasant
Jacquelyn A. Plesnicher and George A. Najarian
Sharon L. Plummer and Chandler Davidson
Joe S. and Patti K. Poff
David J. Poffenbarger
G.S. Polk
Marlene J. Polka
Maureen E. Pollard
Christopher Clark Pollet
Clemence Pollok-Ligon
Lindsey Jo and Robert J. Pollock
L. E. Poorman
Susan E. and Robert Poorman
Linda S. Popkin-Paine and Stephen C. Paine
Ann E. Porter
Mary Lynn Porter
Lisa Marie Porterfield
Ruthie Porterfield
Sandra G. and Fernando Posada
Richard M. Potter
Donald A. and Karen Potthoff
Carol L. Powell
Rebecca L. Powell
Sara and Ben H. Powell, V
Torey and Natalie Powell
Irving and Paula G. Pozmantier
Janet and Jeffrey L. Pozmantier
Sidney Pozmantier
Suppamas and Sukanya Prachakvej
Laura Lane Prati
Les D. and Theresa J. Prebilsky
Marie Prebilsky
Precious Parks
Katherine L. Preisler
Judith A. Premazon
Marlon V. Preston
Carolyn and Bernard E. Price
Kathryn Priest
Marilyn C. Primeaux
Katie M. Pritchett
Lonique R. Pritchett
Suzanne Pritzker
Private Sector Initiative
Joe and Gloria Pryzant
Elizabeth D. Puckett
James A. Puetz and Carla M. Cooper
Michael L. and Danita R. Pugh
Peggy S. Pugh
Valerie N. Pugh
Phyllis Purdy
Ilene J. and Bart Putterman
Susan R. and H. Walter Pye, Jr.
Qualitec Consulting Group LP
Qualitec Group LP
Qualitec Technical Services LP
Gordon J. and Sylvia Quan
Susan Solleder Quigley
Cathlea Quirona
Howard L. Rabinowitz
Sandy E. Rabinowitz
Luis J. and Amber M. Rabo
Dorothy Walter Rabon
Douglas B. Radabaugh
Joanne F. Radoff
Dawn Rae
Pamela E. Rafferty
Nadine L. Raffoul
Susie Ragsdale
Maria Raiford
Pamela J. Rall
Stellouise M. Ramer
Adolfo and Lupe Ramirez
Amy and Victor Ramirez
Javier Ramirez
Joe and Lella Ramirez
Jose Ramirez, Jr.
Jose R. Ramirez and Cindy D. Lanham
Lydia C. and Ramon Ramirez
Teresa V. and Richard Ramirez
Richard Doroteo Ramon
Maria M. Ramos
V. Jean Ramsey
Janie L. Ramsour
Carolyn R. Randle
Michael Berryhill and Lynn M. Randolph
Amber R. Rangel
Keri E. Rangel
Sylvia Rangel
Ranger Oil Tools, Inc.
Carroll R. and Hugh M. Ray
Robert S. and Ann Christine Ray
Ricky E. Raymond
Winifred A. Rea
Rea and Associates Inc.
Pamela Reavis-Davis
Lee Rech
Red Flag Booster Club
Ellen Red
Theresa B. Redburn
Stephen M. Redding
Janet Redeker
Robert J. Redelmeier
Janice M. and David C. Redford
James H. Reece
Annie H. and David Reed
Audrey L. and Anthony F. Reed
Lenox M. and John Reed
Norma W. Reed
Terence D. Reed
William S. and Karen L. Reed
Michael E. Reeves
Thomas M. Regal
Tziona Regev
Rehab Works, Inc.
Judith Ann Reichelderfer
Nikki M. Reid
Lori M. Reiher
Chris Reimer
Judy A. and Martin A. Reiner
Maxine F. Reingold
Reliant Energy Entex Fuels
Renewed Innovations Incorporated
Steven F. and Barbara Retzloff
Jonathan O. and Sally Reyes
Leonora A. Reyes
Eugene Rhoden
Linda D. Rhodes
Diane A. and Donald G. Rhorer
Jan S. Rhyseman
Muhammad Tambra Riaz
Betty J. Rich
Hershel M. Rich
Hilda M. Rich
Jodi K. Richards
Joan C. Richardson
Tracy W. Richied
Terry and Kent Richter
Zelda and Robert Rick
Kathy T. Rider
Gregor H. Riesser
Aquila F. and Patricia C. Riggins
Jill M. and Robert Riggs
Theresa Lynn Riha
Diane M. and H. John Riley, Jr.
Wendy Riley
Charles Joseph Rinaldo
Aaron and Soledad C. Rincon
Anabel Rios
Carol Risinger
Karen L. and Robert S. Ritter
Paola M. Rivas
Michelle Rivera
Anthony Rivera
Monica Z. Rivera
Dorothy J. Roach
Marjorie R. Robbins
Susan P. Robbins
Virginia Cooke Robbins
Eric and Nakia L. Roberson
LaNessa M. Roberson
Tiffani Cherese Roberson
Patricia S. Robert
Wilhelmina "Beth" Robertson Fund of GHCF
Carrie L. Robertson
Roger O. Robertson
Wilhelmina Robertson
Maurice E. Robinowitz
John M. Robins
Rochelle M. Robins
Chalandra Robinson
Ellen Elaine Robinson
Enid R. Robinson
George C. Robinson
Jonathan Robinson
Josephine and Robert L. Robinson
Kathy and Elmo Robinson
Leslie W. Robinson
Lois Beaurline Robinson
Marianne J. Robinson
Marianne Robinson
Susan E. Robinson
William A. Robinson
William F. Robinson
Steven Mark Robison
Donajih and Jesus Robles
Rachel Rebecca Robnett
Alex Rocha
Maria G. Rocha
Maricela and Manuel Rocha
Nancy Rocha
Mildred Roche
Elizabeth D. Rockwell
Brian R. Rod
Rodas Haskell Associates, Inc.
Cathryn Rodd and Douglas Selman
Harrell Ross Rodgers, Jr.
Jay Rodman
Adriana S. Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez
David H. and Nancy S. Rodriguez
James G. Rodriguez
Luis A. Rodriguez, Jr.
Maria Rodriguez
Marta Rodriguez
Martha Rodriguez
Melissa M. Rodriguez and Sergio Cruz
Monica Rodriguez
Nancy J. Rodriguez
Nereida M. Rodriguez
Olimpia Jasmine Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez-Thibaudeau
Brenda R. Rodriguez-Valverde
Kate G. and David H. Rodwell
Peggy Ratcliffe Roe
William Roe
Virginia L. and Richard Roeder
Antonia Roesler
Elaine Rogers
Elmer D. Rogers
Frances Claire and Ronald W. Rogers
Matthew W. Rogers
Regina J. Rogers
Timothy D. Rogers
Verna V. Rogers
Paola M. Roldan
Rosalind R. Rolls
Victor Romero
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House of Houston, Inc.
Lynn M. Ropel
Helen I. Roper
Tara Ma'Raylen Roper
Ana and Juan Rosales
James W. and Naomi Rosborough
Mirelle Rosca
Steve C. Rose
Frances Rosebush
Jana R. Rosenbaum
E. Jay Rosenstein
Ruth Rosines
Ross Mortuary, Inc.
Carol R. Ross
Damon G. and Annie M. Ross
G. Ross
James B. Ross
Maiya L. Ross
Harold and Melissa Rosson
Susan S. and Richard A. Rosthal
Marlene Rotblatt
Ann I. and Randolph A. Rothschild
Deborah M. and Herbert B. Rothschild, Jr.
Blanche A. and Isaac F. Roubein
Kathleen M. Rowland
Chloe A. and Pat Rowles
Blanche Royal
Kira N. Ruben
Allen Rubin
Abner I. Rubio
Darlene A. Rubio
Elizabeth P. Ruefli
Mario Ruffino
Frank D. Rugo
Guillermina Ruiz-Bowers
Kim Marie Ruland
Marilyn J. Rumsey
Clive and Nancy Runnells
Benton  S. Russell
Charlotte V. Russell
Robert L. Ulrich, Jr. and June R. Russell
Sandra Rosinski Russell
J.  S. Rutan
Roy L. and Virginia W. Rutherford
Sally Bell Rutherford
Billie M. Ryan
Bronwyn Anne Ryan
Courtney A. Ryan
Frances Yeatman Ryan
Jason M. Ryan
David A. Ryea
Audrey J. Ryman
S. Gerber & Associates, Inc.
Claudell C. Sablatura
Larry J. Sachnowitz
Akabar A. Sadruddin
Ellen J. Safier
Richard G. Myers and Carol Safran
Sage Publications
Rocio G. Salas
Angela M. Salazar
Josephine M. Salazar
Michael A. and Leticia Salazar
Joyce T. Salhoot
Paraskevi P. Saliagas
Salners Family Foundation
Albert G. and Janet S. Salter
Cecilia A. and Norman Samish
Shirley and Walter Sampson, Sr.
Abraham and Rachel Samuel
Bridget Samuel
Jennifer T. Samuel
Charles M. and Sylvia L. Samuels
Faith D. Samuels
Thomas and Eleanor R. Samuels
San Jacinto Girl Scouts, Inc.
Adriana L. Sanchez
Deborah  L. Sanchez
Florentino Sanchez
Luz M. Sanchez
Christine M. Sanders
Don A. Sanders
Marinel Sanders
R. Denise and Dewayne Sanders
Sossiena D-Sanders
Marcia R. Sanderson
Rose R. Sandle
Judy C. and Carl W. Sandlin
Sandra S Carlson and Associates Inc
Lillian and David H. Sands
Sandtex International Corp.
Sanford Schmid Trust
Georgeanna Santarelli
Alan Satorius
Ramon Sauceda
Veronica Sauceda
Eleanor Saucedo
Charles A. Saunders
Betti F. Saunders
Sandra J. Savit
Sav-Your Inc.
Scarsdale Dental
Robert Scavone
Linda G. Schacht
Carl A. and Lela B. Schaefer
Leroy Schaefer, Jr.
Della Schaffer
Melodee and Ted Schaller
Helen M. and Albert Schaps
Stuart Scharf
Arthur L. and Joyce Schechter
Richard M. Schechter
Sue Schechter
Sydney Meryle Scheiner
Donald A. and Patricia A. Scherer
Michael and Charlotte Schillaci
Kay Griffin Schiller
John  C. Schiro
Elaine J. Altschuler and Otto Schlamme
Kristen E. Schlatre
Linda A. Schmalstieg
William J. and Ana Schmidt
William B. Schnapp
Steve B. Schnee
Calista R. Schneidau
Ann W. Schneider
Ann and David Schneider
Helen S. Schrager-Lesartre
Elizabeth Ann Schreiber
Susan M. Schreiber
Kathleen Ione Schriber
Emmy Lou Schuette
Kathryn A. Schuller
Jerry and Jane S. Schultz
Annita F. and Newton B. Schwartz, Sr.
Betsy Schwartz
Terri L. and Joseph M. Schwartz
Patricia L. Schwerin
Janet M. Schwind and John A. Stegink
Ashleigh N. Scinta
Amy E. Scott
Bessie Scott
Donna S. Scott
Edward and Sharon Scott
Laura Scott
Marilyn T. Scott
Robert E. Scott
Simone C. Scott
Rebecca C. and James A. Scotti
Jyl Scott-Reagan
Bridget A. Seal
Robert A. Seale
Teresa Lewis Seamaan
Carolyn R. Searles
Ruth Searls
Ellen E. Seaton
Angela D.and Douglas A. Seaworth
Deepa M. Seetepalli
Michael J. and Sharon G. Segal
Karla K. Sehnert
Fredrick W. Seidl
Maxine L. Seiler
Mark Eugene Sellers
Becky J. Senekjian
Senior Guidance Directory Inc
Gilbert H. Sepulveda and Maryanne Gonzales
Pablo Serna
Alberto C. Serrano
Sesame House
Seven Acres Jewish Geriatric Center
Kathleen T. Sexton
Stacie L. Shadle
Mason H. and Adelle S. Shafer
Shank C&E Investments LLC
Diana R. Shankar
Carolyn S. Shannon
Mark C. Shannon
J. William and Kathleen R. Sharman
Alfred B. and Cheryl Sharp
Kenny and Emily A. Sharp
Megan M. Sharp
Scott B. and Christy K. Sharp
Francis C. Sharpe
Monica R. Sharpnack
Lucius Shaw
Elizabeth and Michael P. Shea
Nader N. Shehad
Susan A. Shekelle
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Sheltering Arms
Si Shen
Nabil F. and Sherry M. Shenoda
Mary M. Shepherd
Shirley F. and Henry Shepherd
Shepherd, Smith & Bebel, PC
Tiffany F. Shepherd
Donald Sheppard
James A. and Rebecca A. Shields
Donna and Patrick J. Shimek
Ann Shiver
Betty L. and Charles W. Shiver
Greg and Paralee Shivers
Edward T. and Carrie G. Shoemake
Ivana G. Shumberg and Gary R. Karter
Shen Si
Zainab A. Sibai
Preston D. Sides
Salwa Sidrak
Mary Jane Sieber
Debra Deanna Sieck
Iris B. and Jacob Siegel
Luis H. Sierra
Liz Sietz
Veronica Leigh Siffert
Flor E. Sifuentes
Ronald L. and Karen S. Sikes
Maxine and Herman Silberstein
Silver Eagle Distributors Fnd of GHCF
Louis E. and Laurie M. Silver
Sandy G. Simmons
Helen R. and Gust Simon
Melissa L. and Jeffrey P. Simon
Sally Simon
Tina T. Simon
David A. Simpson
Sheila Y. Simpson-Smith
Erica D. Sims
Brooke Sinclair
Theresa M. and Dan Singletary
Susan E. and Joseph L. Siptak
Sisters of Charity of The Incarnate Word
Julia Kay Sitze
Diana R. and James D. Skates
Christi L. Skipper
Barbara and Louis Sklar
Audrey Skweres
April Slaughter
Jennifer A. Slaughter
Phyllis Sliva
Barbara N. Slover and Scott Alexander Winkler
Joe Slover
Sydney Evans Slye
Shirley Ann Smalley
Esther J. Smiley
Alison M. Smith
Arlene I. Smith
Ashley and Peggy Smith
Barbara Smith
Cathy P. and Darryl L. Smith
Christopher Mark Smith
Clifford B. Smith
Dean Hewson Smith
Dorine McEwin Smith
Lesa J. and Edgar J. Smith, Jr.
Edward Jacob Smith
Ester M. Smith
H. Irvin and Jane B. Smith
Jaime E. and Timothy H. Smith
Jessica H. Smith
Kara N. Smith
Kimberly Josette Smith
Larry K. Smith
Lynne J. Smith
Meredith Smith
Miriam O. Smith
Moses Smith
Philip Ware Smith
Rhonda Smith
Richard S. and Josephine P. Smith
Sarah A. Smith
Stacy Smith
Trevanion M. and Richard E. Smith
Patricia A. Smith-McNeese
Daniel and Mary Snare
Robert Snellgrove
Shedra Snipes
Marianita P. and Lee Snodgrass
Kyle A. and Kristi Snow
Keith V. and Cheryl D. Sobolik
David A. and Karen J. Sobotka
Social Work P.R.N.
Mary and Paul Sofka, Sr.
Katherine J. Sohn
Dena M. Sokolow
Solari Hospice Care
Kim S. Sommerfield
Zeenat Soomar
Sara Soroka
Trini V. Mendenhall-Sosa and Frank Sosa
Yudith M. Soto
Southern National Bank of Texas
Southwestern Bell Foundation
Margaret L. Spalding
Nary Spears
Gloria Janelle Speckhard
Stefanie N. Spencer
Kirk  and Rhonda Spiers
Sherrill L. and John W. Spies
Happy Nash Spillar
Angelina Spriggs
Spring Shadows Glen
Catherine S. Sprueill
St. Joseph Medical Center
Richard W. and Victoria A. Staff
Ben Kelvin Stafford
Donna Stahlhut
Mary Beth Staine
Elizabeth A. Staley
Joanne M. Stamos
Stamos & Associates
Melissa H. and John R. Standish, Jr.
Ellna Jean Standley
Kathleen and Carey Standley
Barbara E. Stanley
Linda and Richard Stanley
Star of Hope Mission
Lois F. and George Stark
Desmond Spencer Startin
C. Richard and Susan P. Stasney
Marie Stavinoha
Eldrew J. Stearnes
Bob W. and Noni Stearns
Birdie N. Steele
Michael Henry Steele
Perry Louis Steele and Colleen F. Morimoto
Guido Stefanelli, Jr.
Deborah Stein
Esther Steinberg
Kathryn L. and Stephen J. Stelmak
C. F. and Rita C.  Stelzer
Laurie Ann Stempien
Peter J. Stempien
Stephen Perel & Associates, P. C.
Elizabeth A. Stephens
Genevieve P. and C.M. Stephens, Jr.
Veronica S. Stephens
Laura A. Stephenson
Jashae D. Stepherson
Karkita Sterling
Marcus D. Sterling
Ruth Smith Sterling
Ellen S. Stevens-Roseman
Josephine H. Stewart
Philia L. Stewart
Pierce L. Stewart, Sr.
Wendy M. Stewart
Audrey Antoinette Stewart-Vuper
Thomas M. Stidham
Heather Stilley
Faida Stokes
Ellen P. Ray and Michael H. Stone
Jeremy R. and Sarah S. Stone
Norma K. and Donald J. Stone
Diana L. Storms
Karen A. Storthz
Karen D. Stout
Allison and Thomas H. Stovall
Sheldon Stovall
Anne H. Strain
Hugh  R. and Mary A. Straub
Carol A. Straus
Bernice Strauss
Bruce P. and Suzanne Strauss
Yuri Y. Streat
Ernest W. and JoAnn K. Street
Lucia and Larry M. Street
Jerald  W. and Cecile Strickland
Melissa G. Strickland
LeAnn Wooley Stringer
Susan R. Stromatt
Cyrus and Diane Strong
Jennifer D. Strunk
Karen R. Strupp
Sandra W. Strutton
Grace M. Stuart
Sam E. and Melinda Stubbs
Janet L. Sturtz
Jeffrey J. Stys
Steve and K. Sucher
Melissa D. Suhr
Barbara A. Sullivan
K. J. Sultanic
Vican Tan Sun
Xiao Sun
Sarna S. and William Sunshine
Susan Flanakin Memorial Fund
Steven J. Susaneck
M. J. Silver and Eveline Susanto
Adolph O. Susholtz
Susholtz DLR Trust
Bettiruth B. Susholtz
Stephen D. and Ellen Susman
Susman Family Foundation
Stacie L. Sustaita
Janice Sustala
Heather E. Sutter
Ellen D. and Joel B. Sutton
Anita Swain
August N. Swain
Mary Swan
Gene and Joanie Swang
Carol Sweeney
Janet T. Swikard and Joe R. Davis
Virginia M. and George C. Swilley
Christa M. Sykes
Sylvia Garcia Campaign Fund
Susan A. Szczygielski
Oanh N. Ta
David E. and Lystra A. Tagliaferri
Shayna L. Taibel
Linda Talbot
Terry L. Talley
George S. and Marisue Tallichet
Laura Tamayo
Joanne L. Tangedahl
Kristy K. Tankersley
Lisa M. Tanner
Audra L. Tanuz
Karen Tarry
Tarrytowne Westbrae Operating
Nanette Tashnek
Meaza Tassew
Diane D. Tate
Betty L. Tatum
Joe M. Tatum
Charles W. and Diane C. Taylor
Chasity D. Taylor
Darrell T. and Leslie C. Taylor
Diana M. Taylor
Larry Taylor
Leonard M. Taylor
Patricia G. and Dennis Taylor
Ruth Adams Taylor
Sheldon and Phebie D. Taylor
Sonja E. Taylor
Tom Taylor
Wanda L. Taylor
William H. and Roberta Ann Taylor
William M. and Leslie Taylor
Karen M. Taylor-Carlile
Asmara Tekle
Natalie J. Teltow
Philip Tenenbaum
Debi Tengler
Albert and Josephine Tervalon
Donald L. Teter
Gertrude Moskowitz Teter
Daphne Tew
Kimberly Teweleit
Texas Chiropractic College
Jeffrey Thames
Kristin H. Thames
The American Jewish Committee
The Austin Group Energy LP
The Austin Group LP
The Checkered Past
The Fel Group Inc.
The Foundation of Jewish Federation
The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
The Montessori Country Day School
M. J. Theologian
Theracare Home Health LP
Janet I. and Bobby Theriot
Dan I. Thigpen
Benjamin P. Thomas
Bette P. and Ralph B. Thomas, Sr.
Deidre L. Thomas
Guy H. and Pat Thomas
Ilene Thomas
Jacob Thomas
Jeanette F. and Emanual J. Thomas
Lezzli L. Thomas
Rhonda M. Thomas
Theresa D. Thomas
Ashley Marie Thomasson
Nancy Carol Thompson
Thana M. Thompson
Chrystal N. Thornton
Ronald H. and Linda Thrash
Tibsen and Fair, Inc.
Joshua D. Tidwell
Giang T. Tien
Eleanor Tinsley
James A. Tinsley
Tipula Enterprises
Janet V. Titone
Gail A. Tittle
Regina Titus
Stephanie K. Tobor
Today's Vision - Katy
Corinne Lee Tofilon
Nicholas Tofilon
Thomas M. Tolson
Michelle Tomek
Donna Marie Tomlinson
Betty P. and Robert P. Toney
Phyllis W. Tonkin
Barbara G. Topek
Rosalinda Torres
Luis R. Torres-Hostos
Jill Totenberg
Eleanor D. and Jon Totz
Jeffrey and Fran Toubin
Tower Fine Jewelers
Leta L. Towie
Dale Townsen
Janice M. and James S. Townsend
Shelley A. Townsend
Brian L. Trachte
Kenneth L. and Kathryn S. Trachte
Trader Joe's Company
Trammell Crow Associated Companies
Tham N. Tran
Christopher Trandell
Diane W. and Roger F. Trandell
Jim and Lucille Travis
G. Renee Traweek
Dorothy B. Trevino
Clayton K. and Virginia Trier
Triten Corporation
Henry M. Troth, Jr.
Jack Trotter Foundation
True Love Christian Fellowship
Howard and Norma Trusch
Ellen Tsilimigras-Cokinos
Venus Siu Fung Tsui
Betty and Billy Tucker
Bradford and Stephanie F. Tucker
Emily M. Tucker
Linda L. Tully
Carol Patricia Turesk
Terri N. and Stephen W. Turk
Martha Turner
Matthew Turman
Halina D. Turner
Kathy A. Turner
Marla Turner
Cynthia L. Turney
UH Foundation
UH GCSW Alumni Association
Charlotte Ulrich
Elizabeth B. Ulrich
Ernestine Ulrich
William Ulrich
Laurie A. Ulsh
Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr.
Duncan K. and Sarah C. Underwood
Susan Michelle Underwood
University of Albany Foundation
University of Pittsburgh
Upper Kirby District Assoc., Inc.
Wade and Ginger Upton
Urban Business Initiative
William and Kathy Urdaneta
Estella Uresti
Rosa Uresti-McCance
Edward D. and Cynthia Urquhart
UT Health Science Center at Houston
Trina and David P. Uzee
Arthur C. and Laura Vailas
Alice V. and Roberto G. Valdez
Avelardo Valdez
Nelson V. Valena
Ana Julia Valenzuela
Lauren Vallie
Linda H. and Brooks A. Valls, Jr.
Anh Van
Diana and Roger Van Duzer
Karalyn Van Leggelo
Dorothy Van Soest
Paige F. Vanderlick
Myrla Vanegas
Jeffrey W. and Kimberly A. Vangundy
Melinda S. and Robert C. Vanzant
Marila T. Vargas
Various Donors-Social Work
Kathleen M. Varty
Elizabeth Ann Varughese
Joshua Varughese
Mary Varughese
Maria E. Vasquez
Carol A. Vaughan
Eugene H. and Susan W. Vaughan
Jack M. and Patricia Vaughan
Stephen M. Vaughan
Vann Vaughan
Evangelina Vega
Guadalupe Vega
Teri Vega
Kim Vela
David Velasco
Yesenia E. Velasco
Laura Velinor
Ariela Ventura
Maria Ventura
Micaela L. Vergara
Brandy Viane-Dupre
Mark L. Viator
Wilma A. Vickers
Kevin Vien
Martha A. Villagomez
Claudia Villanueva
Zubaida Virji
Visiting Nurses Assoc. of Houston
April C. Viverette
Melissa M. Voigt
The Volunteer Center
John Darrel Vondenstein
John Vreeland
W B Family Trust
W. J. Alexander & Associates, P.C.
Sol J. Wachsberg
Emmanuel and Ikede Wada
Eunice U. Wada
Gloria Wada
Eugene Waddis
Natasha Wade
Betty Lee Wagner
Lisa D. Wagner-Dooley
WAHID, Inc. T/A Portables
Susan Waindel
Jennifer E. Walden
Paul F. Waldner
Corrine M. Walijarvi
Arnitia Walker
Janice K. and Dwayne E. Walker
Jared C. and Leah M. Walker
Nichelle Walker
Rudyne H. and Luther Walker
Timeka L. Walker
Viola S. Walker
Marilyn Wallace
Phyllis Wallace
Sylvan Wallach
Stephen K. Wallender and Candice J. Twyman
Paula and J. Waller
Frances M. Wallis
Jeanne Wallis
Adam and Beth Walmus
William A. Walser
Christina Walsh
Crystal L. Walter
Kathryn Marie Walters
Lesa J. and Reginald L. Walton
Ramona C. Walton
Rebecca Walton
Di Wang
Ge Wang
Rui Wang
Beverly Ward
Brenda S. Warden
Maiya L. Ware
Hildegard A. Warner
Connease A. Warren
Naomi Warren
Dave Washington, Jr.
Johnell Washington
Renee Washington
Monica L. Waters
Carolyn Watson
Jolanna Jenae' Watson
Max P. and Kay Watson
Carol E. Watts
Way Engineering, Ltd.
Wayne Civitan Club
Martha B. Weathers
Cora G. Weaver
Tandy S. Weaver
Steven A. and Linda M. Webster
Anne L. Weedman
David M. and Bonnie S. Weekley
Nita H. Weil
Jay Weiner
Bernard L. Weingarten
Jack and Elizabeth Weingarten
Judith Scott Weingarten
Weinstein Spira & Company, P.C.
Harold and Linda Weinstock
Elaine A. and Marvin Weintraub
Michael S. Weintraub
Richard W. Weir
Kathleen M. Welch
Kathy J. Weldon
Patrice A. Weller
Wells Fargo Advisors
Floyd Wenzel
Bradley Gray Wertman
West Oaks Hospital
Jo F. and Nathaniel West
Marion S. West
Patti Jeanne West
Westbury United Methodist Church
Margaret Westmoreland
Mary  J. Weston
Goldie R. and Kenneth Wetcher
Phil and Linda Wetz
Cynthia M. and Hans P. Weyermann
Kevin H. and Wendy M. Whalen
Diane E. Wheeler
J. I. Wheeler, Jr.
Richard B. and Janet Wheeler
Shirley M. and Calvin R. Wheeler
Laura O. and William M. Wheless, III
E. Jane Whitaker
Sarah T. Whitaker
Patrick Whitaker
Ed White Memorial Youth Center
Bill and Andrea F. White
Collin B. White
Kenneth J. White
Leticia Henry White
Maxine E. White
Rebecca Lynn White
Sean White
William W. and Merylyn S. Whited
Bonnie V. White-Upton
William F. Whitfield, Sr.
Sarah Whitman
Sandra K. and Edward S. Wicker, Jr.
Carolyn and James B. Wickerham
Julia B. Wickerham
Cynthia K. Wier
Lynne Wilcox
Connie Jensen-Wilczewski and Michael J. Wilczewski
Ann J. and Michael C. Wilde
Judith Wilhelmi
Lauren R. Wilk
Tasha and Shane Wilkinson
Daniel M. and Daphne R. Will
Deb Will
Earline F. Willcott
M. Robert Willcott, III
Avionda S. Williams
Barbara E. and James N. Williams
Betty J. Williams
Williams, Birnberg & Andersen
Emily T. Williams
Harry Williams
Holly K. Williams Lang
Janne Williams
Joshua Williams
Josie L. Williams
Juana N. Williams
Kenneth A. Williams
Lucille Williams
Marquis Williams
Martha Williams
Monique D. Williams
Rochelle Williams
Thomas J. Williams
Willie S. Williams
Wright Williams and Michelle Byron-Williams
Yolanda Y. Williams
Dorothy M. Willis
Nicole G. Willis
Dorothy R. Wilson
Lynn M. Wilson
Robert C. Wilson
Roy E. Wilson
Welcome W. and Joanne G. Wilson
Darian O. Wimberly
Robert K. Wimpelberg and Peter Hodgson
LaShawnda D. Wingard
Steven P. Winkelmann
Selma M. Winkler
Winn & Associates
Phillip W. Winston
Jonina Winters
Scott Winters
Jerry I. Wische
Bernard Wise
Helaine Wise
Mark E. Wise
Rita S. Wise
William A. and Marie F. Wise
Barbara Wiseman
Barbara  D. Witkov
Wittburn Enterprises, Inc.
Jane E. Witte
Patricia B. Wittlif
Robert D. Woest
Teresa C. Von Woglom
Leonard and Margot Wohadlo
Henrietta A. Wolf
Johanna T. and Richard A. Wolfe
Doris Wolfenstein
Melvyn L. and Cyvia G. Wolff
Cyvia & Melvyn Wolff Family Foundation
Wolff-Toomim Foundation
Ronald W. and Carrie Woliver
Joan Wolochin
Joan E. Womack
Montavious Womack
Women's Christian Home
The Womens's Fund for Health Ed.
Women's Resource of Greater Houston
Dorothy Lam Wong
Wood Land Publishing, Inc.
Sheila A. Wood
Barbara M. Woodard
Penny Woodard and Frank R. Holder
Sharon Woodard
Matresa L. Wooding
Kristina Woods
Linda A. and Christopher Woods
Sharlyn A. Woody
Cynthia L. and Edwin Wooldridge
Jeanette Wooldridge
Working Assets
Debra K. Worley
Adam C. and Michelle B. Wright
Bettina Wright
Deidre P. and Robert A. Wright
Elmo Wright
Jocelyn D. Wright
Mary  H. Wright
Remus and Mia Wright
Write The Vision Business Services
Di Wu
Heidi A. and William D. Wuertz, II
William D. Wuertz Fund of the GHCF
Lorraine and Edmond Wulfe
Rochelle C. and Lee R. Wunsch
Wunsch Philanthropic Fund of HJCF
Lynn S. and Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr.
Rosalind A. and Bryant D. Wyatt
Carolyn Jean Wynn
Jinpeng Xu and Yufang Xia
Yan Xu
Yale Contractors Supply Co., Inc.
Sijun Chen and Zengjia Yan
Grace Yang
Xue Yang
Chau D. Yao
Willie and Chandra Yarber
Susan L. Yarbrough
Yuen King Yau
Cynthia Ybarra
Marian Yeager-Enete
Noa B. Yehuda
Judith L. Yost
Carolyn J. and John H. Young
Gabrielle F. Young
Jaclyn D. Young
Mary E. and Donald R. Young
Mattie Gibbs Young
Orethea Young
Alicia Renee Youngblood
Agatha Young-Brann and Erich J. Brann
Your LTC Insurance Specialist LLC
Youth & Family Counseling Services
May Ann C. Yuquimpo
Jill R. Yurkinas
YMCA of Greater Houston
YWCA Greater Houston
Rubina N. Zafar
Cristina Zambrano
Crystal I. Zamora
Rosie Zamora
Agnes G. and Joseph Zarcaro
Aileen Zarin
Victoria Zellefrow
Randy and Janette K. Zercher
Wenjun Zhu
Martha Zilbermann
Daniel R. Zorn
Jokin Zubizarreta
Claudia A. Zundel
Linda C. Ames and Manuel P. Zuniga
Alfred B. and Georgiana H. Zustovich
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