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Harvey Resources, Updates & FAQs

dean-detlaff.jpgDear GCSW Community and Friends,

A week ago when the University of Houston closed its campus in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey, we had no idea what was in store. In the days that followed it quickly became clear we were experiencing what we now know was a historic weather event.

We watched, along with all of you, the City of Houston and its residents experience incredible devastation side by side with amazing heroism and grace.

This event, as devastating as it was has also shined a light upon Houston as a model for the nation. As the most diverse city in America, diversity and inclusion are a way of life. And this past week we modeled what it means for such a diverse population to come together for common goals, to value and seek each other's unique strengths, to serve our neighbors and communities in ways that show we are all in this together. Read more


 Hurricane Harvey Recovery for GCSW Students



UH Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Do not underestimate the physical and emotional toll that storms such as Harvey can cause. Please do not hesitate to ask for help. To contact UH Counseling and Psychological Services, call 713-743-5454. For initial appointments and crises, please walk in anytime Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. To speak to a counselor after business hours, dial 713.743.5454 and press 2. Additional referral options for counseling and other services are available at:

UH Sugar Land CAPS Contact: If you a UH Sugar Land student experiencing a crisis situation and need to speak with someone immediately, please contact CAPS at 713-743-5454, and you will be connected to the consultant on duty. If it is after business hours and you are in imminent crisis, please call 911 or CAPS at 713-743-5454, and you will be connected to the after-hours counselor.

What mental health and self-care resources are available for GCSW students?

The GCSW will be holding check-in/information meetings for all students. We will have refreshments, a time to check in on each other, answer questions and focus on self-care. These meetings will continue weekly for the remainder of September from 12-1 pm in Room 110J:

  • 9/19 with Dr. Quenette Walton
  • 9/20 with Prof. Aabha Brown and Dr. Jodie Berger Cardoso
  • 9/23 with Dr. Amber Mollhagen
  • 9/26 with Prof. Donna Amtsberg
  • 9/23 at UH Sugarland (TBD)
  • 9/26 with Prof. Donna Amtsberg
  • 9/27 with Dr. Luis Torres

We are also planning additional self-care activities throughout the month about which we will keep you posted.

Please also feel free to use space in the SW building for meditation, reflection or quiet time as needed. You can find out more about the available spaces at the front desk in Room 110.


What if I still can’t return for classes? What should I do?

UH and the GCSW understands the considerable challenges some students may face in returning to campus to resume their coursework and are committed to making every accommodation that is realistically possible to allow students to return and continue their studies at a reasonably later date. Please contact your instructors to discuss your circumstances and find out about options for continued participation in the class.

Will the semester be extended?

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has issued guidance that UH does NOT have to make up the contact hours missed as part of any face-to-face or online classes cancelled during the time the University was officially closed (1 p.m. Friday, August 25, to 8 a.m. Tuesday, September 5th).  Consequently, UH will NOT extend the Fall 2017 semester, nor will it require that cancelled classes and class assignments due during this time period be made up.

Will I have to make up my field hours from the time the university was closed?

Concentration placement students will not have to make up field hours from the time the University was officially closed (1 p.m. Friday, August 25, to 8 a.m. Tuesday, September 5th). You will receive credit for the number of hours you would have accumulated during that time. Face to Face foundation students are scheduled to start field placement the week of September 5th. For all students, if you are unable to start or continue your placement due to personal or agency issues, contact Jamie Parker at

I lost my books or my books never arrived in the mail. What do I do about that?

Contact your instructors to let them know and discuss options. You can also check with the UH MD Anderson Library to see if they can assist you with locating required textbooks.

I may need to withdraw for the semester. What are my next steps?

Depending on your situation, there may be a different enrollment option, including our online program, for which you may be eligible. It might also be possible for you to continue with a reduced course load or adjust your degree plan, moving your field practicum to a different semester. We encourage any student considering withdrawal to contact their GCSW advisor or Amber Mollhagen, or 713-743-8082 prior to taking such action to discuss options.

Withdrawal Options

The Sept. 1 deadline for withdrawal from UH with a 70% refund for Session 1 of the Fall Semester has been extended to September 8. The deadlines for a 50% and a 25% refund have also been extended an additional week from the original deadline. Regarding Session 3, the deadline for withdrawal with a 50% refund has been extended to Sept. 8.

Fall 2017 Deadlines and Due Dates

  • Last Day to Add with Approval from Your Academic Advisor: Friday, Sept. 8
  • University's Official Reporting Day (ORD): Friday, Sept. 8
  • Last Day to Drop or Withdraw without a grade: Friday, Sept. 8
  • Last Day to Request an Exception from the Provost to Add or Drop: Friday, Sept. 15
  • Last Day to Drop with a W: Tuesday, Oct. 31 (no change)
  • Last Day to Submit Residency Application and Documents: Friday, Sept. 8
  • Last Day to Arrange a Payment Plan: Friday, Sept. 8
  • Last Day to Enroll in an Emergency Payment Plan: Friday, Sept. 8
  • Due Date for the second payment installment has been extended to Monday, Oct. 16
  • Last Days to Drop and Add Classes: The official deadline for adding (with the approval of your academic advisor) and dropping a class (on your own) is Friday, Sept. 8.

However, given the potential impact of Hurricane Harvey on UH students, UH will consider exceptions to the add/drop deadline through Friday, Sept.15. If you wish to request an exception, please send an e-mail to identifying the class and section you wish to add or drop, a brief explanation of your need to do so, and your PeopleSoft ID number. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be granted only for extenuating circumstances related to the storm.


Will the UH Student Centers be open when we return?

The Student Center South and Student Center North have resumed their normal hours of operation.

Mon – Wed: 7:00am – 12:00am

Thurs: 7:00am – 1:00am

Fri – Sat: 7:00am – 2:00am

Sun: 9:00am – 12:00am

The Student Center Satellite is closed at this time with the goal to reopen Monday, 9/18.


  • Current GCSW students may be able to share laptops that they possess but are not currently utilizing. Please email Amber Mollhagen at to inquire.
  • Students can check out laptops from the MD Anderson Library for up to 1 week at a time. For more information, click here.
  • Students can also use desktop computers at the library in one of their multiple computer labs.
  • The GCSW has a Computer Lab on the 2nd floor of the SW Bldg. in which desktop computers and printers are available.
  • The UH Sugar Land campus has an open computer lab in which MSW students can access computers.
  • UH has a campus computer store that offers discounted computers to students for sale. To learn more, click here.


What do I do if I lost my parking permit?

Visit the Parking and Transportation Services offices in either the Welcome Center Garage or the Stadium Garage (next to Taco Cabana) to fill out a form and receive a replacement permit no later than September 15th. Parking permit violations will not be enforced until September 18th in order to give students, faculty and staff an opportunity to address storm-related transportation issues.

Traffic and Commute

We know how rough the commute to campus has been for many of you. One option for some relief is to carpool via the Waze app. It’s free to use, and the app also provides traffic and road closure information.

I lost my vehicle. What options are there for getting to campus?

The GCSW private Facebook group for Harvey is a good place to post your needs about transportation and to work with others to share rides. Here’s the link -

The Houston Metro public transportation system resumes its normal schedule this week. Metro offers reduced rates for students. UH has several bus and light rail stops on campus. To learn more, click here.


UH Children's Learning Centers (CLC), The UH Children's Learning Centers (CLC),, has a very limited number of temporary enrollment openings available through December. These openings are in the toddler (approximately 1-3 year old) and preschool (approximately 3-5 years old) programs.

Openings are contingent upon a child's birthdate (due to our multi-age classrooms), so it is important for interested families to work directly with the CLC to determine if their child fits into one of the availabilities. These openings will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, pending age availability.

Requests should be sent to Jennifer Skopal, Director of the Children's Learning Centers at


I’m unable to return home at this time. What housing options are available?

New Commuter Residential Housing and Emergency Housing

Students not living on campus, but would like to do so for the remainder of the academic year, may apply online via AccessUH and click on “myHousing.” The prepayment requirement will be waived and the $50 application fee will be billed to the student fee bill. Contact the SH&RL office at or call 713-743-6000.

UH commuter students with need for emergency, short-term housing may call 713-743-3243 or come in person to the SH&RL office in Cougar Village 2, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to apply for and be placed into double occupancy space in Bates Hall or Law Hall. Rooms are modestly furnished, and sheets, toiletries and towels are not provided. There is no application fee to apply for emergency guest housing, and the cost is $23.79 per person per night to be billed to the student account on the date of check out. Temporary residents will have access to the Cougar Village 2 24-hour service desk to address any facilities issues and for general assistance. Student emergency housing will not be offered after Sept. 30.

Several GCSW community members have offered space in their homes for students needing a place this semester. Please contact Amber Mollhagen at for more information.

The GCSW has set up a private Facebook group for GCSW students to share Harvey experiences, needs, and resources. If you haven’t already done so, please join here: This is a great place to post your housing needs and to share information if you have space for a student.