In the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program at UH, students and "passion" are nearly synonymous. Passion is what drives the program to excellence, because the students play a primary role in program planning, curriculum content and other decisions that affect their certification experience. Student participation and leadership are hallmarks that set certified Nonprofit Leadership Alliance graduates apart from other UH graduates. Through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association (NLSA), students gain skills in organization, leadership, networking, and professional presentation that one can only gain through experience.

All co-curricular requirements are planned and delivered by the students for the students. Each year, new NLSA members plan professional activities that simulate nonprofit programs:

  • A full day planning and team building retreat;
  • The Fall Workshop Series – four workshops led by community professionals on nonprofit management topics;
  • The Flo McGee Career Development Seminar – a day-long conference focused on developing employment skills and career strategies;
  • The annual Recognition Dinner – a gala event in May where students receive their AH certificate