Our Donors

The certification program of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) certification is the way many Houston-area foundations and philanthropic individuals protect their investments in our community's nonprofit social services, arts organizations and other charities. By investing in the next generation of nonprofit leaders, our donors can feel confident that the nonprofits employing Alliance graduates will be run efficiently and effectively, maximizing their charitable dollars. They also know that by supporting the Alliance program, they are giving a boost to people who have a sincere interest in making a career of making a difference.

After providing seed money for the first four years of the Alliance program at the University of Houston, David M. Underwood continues to stay involved as a member of the Leadership Circle, a group of community volunteers dedicated to gathering support for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance locally.

The Alliance Leadership Circle

  • Mrs. Allison Wright Brooks
  • Ms. Emelda Douglas, CFRE
  • Mrs. Joan Dunlap
  • Mrs. Ronnie Hagerty, PhD, CFRE
  • Mrs. Debbie Kearns
  • Ms. Susan Light Lawhon
  • Mrs. Flo McGee, Chair
  • Mr. Wayne Norden
  • Ms. Sarah Powell
  • Mrs. Angela Seaworth, ACFRE
  • Mrs. Mary Eliza Shaper
  • Ms. Mary Beth Staine
  • Mr. David M. Underwood
  • Dr. Ira Colby, Dean, Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW), UH

Also donating their time and expertise, the Advisory Circle is another group of community volunteers who provide support and consultation to the David M. Underwood Chapter of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

The Alliance Advisory Circle

  • Ms. Susan Bischoff
  • Mr. Rick Herrman
  • Ms. Nancy Levicki
  • Ms. M. Anne Murphy
  • Mr. Paul Murphy
  • Ms. Margaret O'Donnell
  • Mr. Bob Paddock
  • Mr. Ed Smith