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Academic Requirements

NOTE: Students with majors in CLASS who are seeking to substitute NLA Certification for their minor requirement must complete a Certification Plan and General Petition form with Melanie Barr Fitzpatrick.

The following courses fulfill six major competency areas:

Courses that fulfill six major competency areas
Area Class
Historical & Philosophical Foundations SOC3318: Intro to Social Work & Social Services
General Nonprofit Management SOCW3354: Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Accounting & Financial Mgmt

SOCW3330: Nonprofit Financial Management

Nonprofit Marketing / Public Relations

(choose 1)
COMM3356: Business and Professional Communication
MARK3336: Elements of Marketing
Child & Adult Development (choose 1)
PSYC2350: Child Development or
PSYC2351: Psychology of Adolescence or
HDFS2317: Human Dev & Family Studies or
SOC3371: Sociology of the Family
Fundraising Principles and Practice Fund Development Workshop Series - Spring Only (NON-CREDIT COURSE)

Experiential Requirements

Students not only attend and participate in experiential requirements, but also organize these events and programs to gain leadership and organizational competencies.

  1. Active participation in the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association.
  2. Three or more site visits to nonprofit organizations.
  3. Four or more Professional Workshops and seminars to meet required competencies.
  4. Attendance at one or more Annual Retreat.
  5. Attendance at one or more Annual Recognition Event.
  6. Attendance at one or more national Alliance Management Institute (AMI).

Students are required to raise the funds to meet their own expenses to the Management Institute (approximately $800-$1,000). Student Association fund raising efforts supplement individual efforts and provide a unique learning experience prior to the Institute.

Professional Internship in a Nonprofit Organization

(480 contact hours)

May be in conjunction with internship for course credit in student’s major, without credit, or for elective credit through SOCW 4301 Internship in Nonprofit Management. Students must apply for the internship through the Nonprofit Leadership Program Director in their senior year or as a post-baccalaureate student and must complete all required assignments and documentation. Required courses must be completed prior to or concurrently with the internship in order to apply knowledge and theory.