Management Institute

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is a national conference, established in 1973 and held the first week of January in a different city each year. AMI provides Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) students from all over the country opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

AMI 2013 was held in Atlanta, Georgia, January 2 -5. For more Information, visit AMI 2013 on the national website.

What do you do at "AMI"?

Case Studies:

The case study for AMI will present NLA students with a life-like nonprofit leadership situation for critical examination, practical learning, proposed solution making and the opportunity to demonstrate their competency development. Students review the case study; apply their academic and experiential knowledge to the situation; and work as a team to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and make recommendations to a panel of nonprofit leaders, Campus Executive Directors, and faculty members who provide the teams with specific feedback.

Each case incorporates issues of 1) Interpersonal dynamics and the team approach to decision making and presentations, 2) Legal, fiscal, management and leadership responsibilities of nonprofit Boards of Directors, 3) Human resources and the need to understand issues regarding hiring and firing of staff, relationship of volunteers in nonprofit organizations, performance reviews and legal issues.

Students from different campuses work together to solve problems real nonprofits have faced. You'll apply knowledge you've received in classes and workshops and develop networking, teambuilding, communication and presentation skills.

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Workshops and presentations:

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a national network of colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations. Workshops represent one of the most important aspects of the AMI educational experience. Presented by both professionals in the nonprofit sector as well as in academia, and fellow NLA students, the workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn in a smaller, more focused environment.

Plenary sessions feature nationally recognized speakers who are top-notch experts respected in their field.

AMI Expo:

You'll have opportunities to visit with representatives from national nonprofit partners from around the country and see exhibits presented by NLA campuses highlighting their programs. At AMI, students and professionals exchange ideas, network, and meet people with similar interests and goals.

Placement Day:

The national network offers students an opportunity to meet with human resource professionals from NLA-affiliated organizations and interview for REAL jobs and REAL internship opportunities all over the country. Are you willing to re-locate?!

Structured Networking:

Scheduled social events provide students opportunities to meet and network with other students and exchange business cards. These are your future colleagues!