Graduate College of Social Work

Suzanne Pritzker

Assistant Professor
Room: 415 Social Work Building
Phone: 713-743-8114
Current Curriculum Vitae


B.A., University of Virginia;
M.Ed., University of Virginia;
M.S.W., Virginia Commonwealth University;
Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Research interests:

youth civic engagement (especially among
poor and minority adolescents);
positive youth development;
political advocacy;
social welfare policy.

Selected Publications:

Pritzker, S. (under review). Pathways to adolescent political participation across race and ethnicity.

Pritzker, S., LaChapelle, A., & Tatum, J. (under review). “We need their help”: Encouraging and discouraging adolescent civic engagement through Photovoice.

Pritzker, S., & Lane, S. (under review). Developing policy and political field experiences: Barriers, opportunities, and best practices. Lee, S. & Pritzker, S. (under review). Immigrant youth and voluntary service: Who serves?

Parrish, D., Harris, D., & Pritzker, S. (under review). Assessment of a service provider self-study method to promote inter-organizational and community collaboration.

Pritzker, S. & Metzger, A. (2011). Facilitating civic engagement among rural youth: A role for social workers.  In L. Ginsberg (Ed.), Social Work in Rural Communities, 5th ed. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education.

Pritzker, S. & McBride, A.M.(2009). Shaping service-learning: Comparing three national contexts. Social Development Issues, 31,3.

McBride, A.M., Pritzker, S., Daftary, D., & Tang, F. (2007). Youth service: A comprehensive perspective. Journal of Community Practice, 14, 4, 71-89.

McBride, A.M., Sherraden, M.S., & Pritzker, S. (2006). Civic engagement among low-income and low-wealth families: In their words. Family Relations, 55, 152-162.

Putnam, M. & Pritzker, S. (2006). Translating knowledge to next steps: Professional stakeholders’ evaluations of facilitators and barriers to crossing network lines. In M. Putnam. (Ed.), Aging and Disability: Crossing Network Lines (pp. 55-80). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

Pritzker, S. & McBride, A.M. (2006). Service-learning and civic outcomes: From suggestive research to program models. In K. Casey, G. Davidson, S. Billig, & N. Springer (Eds.), Advancing Knowledge in Service-Learning: Research to Transform the Field (pp. 17-43). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing. [selected for inclusion by anonymous peer review]

Pritzker, S. & McBride, A.M. (2006). Equity in service-learning: Comparing scope, institutionalization, and quality across low-income urban and suburban schools. In Growing to Greatness 2006: The State of Service-Learning Project (pp. 82-91). St. Paul, MN: National Youth Leadership Council.

Pritzker, S., Springer, M., & McBride, A.M. (under review). Learning to vote: Influencing political participation among college students. 

Rose, A. & Pritzker, S.  (under review). Expanding our focus beyond HIV: STDs and older adults.

Research Grants/Awards

Texas Region 14 Education Service Center (2010). "Evaluation of Learn and Serve Texas 2010-2012". (Principal Investigator;  $151,951.22; co-PI: Dr. Catherine Steinberg)

University of Houston New Faculty Research Grant. (2010). "Understanding Civic Development Among Minority Adolescents: A Pilot Study". (Principal Investigator; $6,000)

National Youth Leadership Council. (2005). "The Scope and Nature of Service-Learning: A Comparative Study of Urban and Suburban Schools". (Principal Investigator; $1,000 and access to private, national K-12 service-learning dataset; Co-PI: Dr. Amanda Moore McBride)