Graduate College of Social Work

Jean Kantambu Latting

Kantambu Latting Endowed College Professor
Room: 343 Social Work Building
Phone: 713-743-8097
Current Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

I am interested in the science and skill of helping others create desired lives, workplaces, and communities within a framework of social justice. In my research, writing, teaching and consulting, I cast a wide interdisciplinary net, integrating findings from the disciplines of intergroup dynamics, social identity, cognitive science, emotional self-management, planned change, barriers to change, systems theory, organizational behavior, social psychology, strategic management, community organization, and peace-building. My current focus is distilling this exciting and vast knowledge base down to a set of accessible skills and technologies that people may use to improve their everyday lives and their world.


A.B. Douglass College , Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
M.S., Columbia University
Dr.P.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Specialization:

Intergroup dynamics; conscious use of self; workforce diversity, organizational behavior and change, leadership development, and social justice

Courses Taught:

Social Justice Theories
Organizational Behavior and Change

Research interests:

Facilitating personal, organizational, and social change in the context of social hierarchies and multiple group identities.

Recent Publications

• Brenneman, B., Latting J., Edwards, J. (In press). The one thing: Identifying the foremost strategic purpose. In Biech, E. (Ed.), The 2007 Annual: Consulting . New York , NY : Wiley.

• Ramsey, V. J., & Latting, J. K. (2005). A typology of intergroup competencies. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science , 41(3), 265-284.

• Greene, A. and Latting, J.K. (2004). Whistle-blowing as a form of advocacy: Guidelines for the practitioner and organization, Social Work, 49 (2), 219-230.

• Latting, J. K., Beck, M. H., Slack, K. J., Tetrick, L. E., DaSilva, N., Etchegaray, J. M., and Jones, A P. (2004). Promoting service quality and client adherence to the service plan: The role of top management's support for innovation and learning, Administration in Social Work, 29 (2), 29-48.

• Latting, J. K. and Beck, M. (2004) Facilitating learning through assessing performance goals. In Austin, M. J. and Hopkins, K. M. (eds.), Supervision as Collaboration in the Human Services: Building a Learning Culture, Thousand Oaks : Sage Publications.

• Da Silva, N., Tetrick, L. E., Slack, K. J., Etchegaray, J. M., Latting, J. K., Beck, M. H., et al. (2002). Is there a relationship between employee perceptions of organizational learning practices and employee performance? Psychologist-Manager Journal , 6 (1), 104-116.