Jodi Berger Cardoso

Jodi Berger-Cardoso

Assistant Professor of Social Work
419 Social Work Building
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Personal Statement:

My research examines how exposure to trauma and psychosocial stress before, during and post-migration affects the mental health of immigrants and their children. Recently I was funded by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to examine the unique parenting stressors associated with raising children in the context of deportation risk. Along with colleagues from the University of Texas-Austin, we interviewed parents about how migration and legal status relate to experiences of parental stress and depression. My research interests in this area have led me to think about the development and adaptation of evidenced based approaches for the treatment of trauma and substance use with Latino immigrants.

Currently I work with several humanitarian organizations in the Houston area that focus on providing legal and mental health services to immigrants, unaccompanied alien children, and refugees that have experienced trauma. I have served as an expert on immigration cases focusing on traumatic exposure and migration in children. My dedication to social justice evolved from my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, where I developed a program to transition working youth back into primary school. Prior to receiving a doctorate degree, I worked as bilingual mental health clinician servicing Latino immigrant families at several agencies in the Houston area. My clinical and research training continue to inform my global perspective towards social work, both inside and out of the classroom.


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Research Interests:

Dr. Jodi Berger Cardoso is an assistant professor in the Graduate College of Social Work. Her long-term career goal is to develop evidence-based interventions that target high risk behaviors through the reduction of cultural stressors in Latino immigrants and their children. Currently, her research focuses on how cultural stressors, such as those associated with acculturation and minority status, contribute to a constellation of health disparities, including alcohol and drug use, risky sexual behaviors and mental health problems, in the Latino community. Dr. Cardoso has also applied a model of cultural stress to understand obesity and obesity related heath behaviors in Hispanic adults.

Selected Publications:

1. Scott, J., Faulkner, M., Berger Cardoso, J., & Burstain, J. (in press). Kinship care and undocumented Latino children in the Texas foster care system: Navigating the child welfare-immigration crossroads. Child Welfare

2. Berger Cardoso, J., Hamilton, E.R., Rodriguez, N., Eschbach, K., & Hagan, J.M (in press). Deporting fathers: Involuntary transnational families and intent to re-migrate among Salvadoran deportees. International Migration Review

3. Cervantes, R., Berger Cardoso, J., & Goldbach, J. (2014). Examining differences in culturally based stress among clinical and non-clinical Hispanic adolescents. Journal of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology

4. Berger Cardoso, J., Dettlaff, A.J., Finno, M., Scott, J. & Faulkner, M. (2014). Citizenship and immigrant status among Latinos involved in the child welfare system: Characteristics, Risk and Maltreatment. Children and Youth Services Review, 44, 189-200.

5. von Sternberg, K., Berger Cardoso, J., Jun, J., Learman, J., & Velasquez, M. (2012). An examination of the pathways leading sexually transmitted infections among survivors of sexual violence. Women’s Health Issues, 22 (3), 283-292.

6. Hamilton, E., Berger Cardoso, J., Hummer, R., & Padilla, Y. (2012). Assimilation and emerging health disparities among new generations of U.S. children. Demographic Research, 25 (25), 783-818.

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10. Fong, R., & Berger Cardoso, J. (2010). Child human trafficking victims:Challenges for the child welfare system. Journal of Evaluation and Program Planning, 33 (3), 311-316. PMID: 19716601

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