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Danielle Parrish

Danielle Parrish

Associate Professor

Room: 312 Social Work Building
Phone: 713-743-8105

Current Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

Dr. Danielle Parrish began her social work career as a clinical social worker in a large public mental health system where she provided infant mental health, outpatient mental health and juvenile justice mental health services. While she loved her work, she was struck by:

  • the discrepancy between a growing literature demonstrating the efficacy of certain behavioral health treatments and the lack of their consistent use in practice;
  • the dearth of practical, efficient and transportable interventions designed for real practice settings, high risk women, and diverse clientele; and
  • a lack of evaluation focused on whether the people we were trying to help were actually getting better.

These practice experiences and Dr. Parrish’s ongoing desire to make a difference in the lives of others has informed and fueled her passion for bridging this research-practice gap by: 1) encouraging students to become critical consumers of practice research and skilled evaluators of their practice; and 2) developing and disseminating feasible and effective prevention and behavioral health interventions that translate more seamlessly to real practice settings with high-risk populations.

Dr. Parrish’s research specifically focuses on developing bundled (multi-risk) prevention interventions that have the potential to prevent overlapping deleterious health outcomes among females engaging in multiple health risk behaviors (e.g., risky drinking, substance use, HIV sexual risk behaviors, and ineffective contraception that may also impact their children through unplanned HIV- and substance- exposed pregnancy). This research has taken place in both juvenile justice and primary care settings, with a major focus on developing more effective and efficient prevention programs. A secondary focus of Dr. Parrish’s research is on the treatment of social anxiety disorder among youth, as it is a major predictor of adult alcohol dependence. In both lines of research, Dr. Parrish is particularly interested in using technology to increase efficiency and reach of these interventions. Finally, given her passion for closing the research-practice gap, Dr. Parrish’s scholarly work also focuses on the teaching, broad dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practice in social work.

Dr. Parrish has been very fortunate to have had amazing mentors that have provided exceptional guidance during her development as a social work practitioner, researcher and educator. As such, she enjoys providing mentorship and instructional opportunities to M.S.W. and Ph.D. students outside the classroom.


BA, Psychology, California State University, Fresno
MSW, California State University, Fresno
PhD, School of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Health Behavior Research and Training Institute, University of Texas at Austin

Courses Taught

  • Evaluation of Social Work Practice (MSW)
  • Clinical Applications of the DSM in Social Work (MSW)
  • Social Work Practice Skills (MSW)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis II (PhD)
  • Research Internship (Ph.D.)
  • Teaching Internship (Ph.D.)

Research Interests

Evidence-based practice (EBP); substance abuse prevention; prevention of substance-exposed pregnancy; anxiety disorders; juvenile justice; integrated behavioral health; intervention research; applications of technology for prevention and intervention.

Selected Publications

Click here to view current Curriculum Vitae with selected publications.