Dale Alexander

Associate Professor of Social Work, LCSW
Email: Dalexander@uh.edu
Room: 313 Social Work Building
Phone: 713-743-8672
Current Curriculum Vitae


B.S. & MSW, Florida State University;
Two-year full time Post-Graduate Fellowship in “Child & Family Therapy” at Walter Reed Army Medical Center;
Ph.D. The Ohio State University in Counseling Psychology;
Two-year Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Fellowship for Substance Abuse Curriculum Development and Research from HRSA-AMERSA-SAMHSA / CSAT Faculty Development Program.
Dr. Alexander previously worked as a mental health clinician in military settings, as a clinical faculty member within two University Family Medicine programs and private practice settings.

Research interests:

Primary research interests are substance abuse screening, treatment and educational issues, with a specific focus upon marijuana screening. Current research interests include mental health and family systems educational issues in social work. Prior research focused upon primary health care educational, clinical and physician occupational stress issues, ranging from resident support groups to coping with night call schedules and specialty indecision, along with diabetes and depression.