Community Research & Collaboration

The Office of Community Projects provides opportunities for GCSW faculty, staff and the community to collaborate on needs assessments and program evaluations for social service agencies throughout the state of Texas. Information gathered in needs assessments supports agency strategic planning decisions, such as the HIV Community Needs Assessment, which provided consumer-based support for funding allocation decisions among HIV service providers in the Houston area. Program evaluation often begins as assistance in preparing grant proposals and continues through program implementation. Documenting program effectiveness increases practice knowledge and funding opportunities.

Contact: Cache Steinberg, Ph.D., LCSW
Phone: 713-743-8142

Needs Assessments:

  • HIV Community Needs Assessment for the Ryan White Council provided consumer-based support for funding allocation decisions among the various HIV service providers. 
  • Montgomery County Food Bank Needs Assessment. 
  • Community Profile: Fort Bend County Homeless and Marginally Housed. 
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender (GLBT) Elders Needs Assessment, Montrose Counseling Center. 
  • Disability Needs Assessment, Montgomery County. 
  • Windsor Presbyterian Church, Family Life Center Needs Assessment. 
  • Mayor's Anti-Gang Office, Needs Assessment East End Houston. 
  • YMCA International Trafficked Persons Assistance Program-Needs Assessment & Evaluation.

Program Evaluations:

  • Program Evaluation of Interfaith Care Partners Care Team Model.
  • Evaluation of Montrose Counseling Center’s Seniors Preparing for their Rainbow Years (SPRY) an outreach and service program for GLBT elders. 
  • Evaluation of Spaulding for Children’s Rural Adoptive Families in South Texas identified effective methods and practices in recruiting, training and sustaining special needs adoption. 
  • Evaluation of Project Corazón de la Familia, a Spaulding for Children program that provides marriage education to adoptive parents in South Texas. 
  • Interagency Coordinating Council for Building Health Families (ICC) Evaluation Project is a multifaceted of assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of Texas’ state funded child abuse/neglect prevention and early intervention services.

Contact: Cache Steinberg, Ph.D.
Phone: 713-743-8142