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Child and Family Center for Innovative Research

The Child and Family Center for Innovative Research (CFCIR) grows out of the research and training program of the Office of Community Projects (OCP) in the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) at the University of Houston (UH). The OCP has accumulated research expertise through a program of state funded child abuse and neglect prevention and early intervention activities. These activities encompassed basic and applied translational research that has involved multiple scientific disciplines in partnership with state organizations, community-based agencies and clinics. The OCP has been a leader in combining research with community involvement. Over the years, the program accumulated a substantial amount of funding as the largest mini-cluster (e.g. Child Welfare) in the Social Sub Cluster of Community Advancement Research Cluster in the UH strategic research framework.

The CFCIR aims at strengthening and expanding the research capacity of the program by integrating an extensive behavioral health (e.g. substance abuse, mental disorders) and social work clinical research component and a new and innovative Virtual Reality Core Research Facility that will serve the University of Houston and its collaborators in the Houston metropolitan area, the State of Texas, and beyond (i.e. national and international partners).

Child and Family Center for Innovative Research
Patrick S. Bordnick, Ph.D. Monit Cheung, Ph.D.

Patrick S. Bordnick, Ph.D.

Monit Cheung, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Featured Projects

Using fMRI to investigate craving and relapse factors in cigarette smokers
Members conducting study
Amin Kayali, Ph.D. Patrick S. Bordnick, Ph.D.
Amin Kayali, Ph.D. Patrick Bordnick, Ph.D.
Texas Statewide Placement Quality and Capacity Needs Analysis
Members conducting study
Patrick Leung, Ph.D. Monit Cheung, Ph.D.
Patrick Leung, Ph.D. Monit Cheung, Ph.D.

Recent Grants Awarded:


  • Using virtual reality to study nicotine craving
  • Virtual reality relapse prevention for alcohol dependence

State of Texas

  • Texas Statewide Placement Quality & Capacity Needs Analysis