Virtual Reality Clinical Research Laboratory

VRCRL - History

The VRCRL was originally established  in 2002 under the direction of Dr. Patrick Bordnick to serve as a testing ground for the development of Virtual Reality applications for addictions and mental health disorders.  Beginning with the first grant in 2002 to develop an assessment system for nicotine smoking cue assessment, the VRCRL has continued to grow with grant funding to develop VR environments for smoking, alcohol, and marijuana dependence.

Our Vision

The Virtual Reality Clinical Research Lab seeks to advance clinical research in Anxiety and Substance-Related Disorders through state-of-the-art technology and virtual reality innovation.  The VRCRL finds new ways to use technology to address social behavior, addictions and mental health.

Creating Reality

What is Virtual Reality Clinical Research?

Virtual Reality Clinical Research attempts to address social behavior and mental health through innovative technology.


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Virtual Reality Clinical Research Lab (VRCRL)
Graduate College of Social Work
University of Houston
110 HA Social Work Building
Room 230
Houston, Texas 77004-4013


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