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2018 Season

Twelfth Night

July 28, 30, August 1, 3, 5  @ 8:15 pm

Shakespeare’s intoxicating comedy, Twelfth Night, ponders love lost and found.  Mistaken identities and role reversals abound in one of Shakespeare’s most inventive romantic romps.  A shipwreck separates the twins Viola and Sebastian, but tragedy quickly turns to comedy when they wash up in a land turned upside-down by love. Artistic Director Jack Young directs this relentless pursuit of unrequited love with gender-bending wit, drunken high-jinks, and swooning serenades. Mistaken identities and role reversals abound in one of Shakespeare's most inventive romantic romps.

If music be the food of love, play on!

  • -Orsino, Act I scene i

Richard III

July 29, August 2, 4, 6  @ 8:15 pm

The relentless ambition of Richard Plantaganet dominates the stage in Richard III — a fast-paced roller-coaster ride of political maneuvers, media manipulation, and pushing one’s luck beyond the breaking point. The Wars of the Roses have put Edward IV on the throne, with his brother Richard having done much of the dirty work. But, while everyone else is ready to squabble over the courtly pecking order, Richard’s ambitions haven’t yet been satisfied. Lenny Banovez, Artistic Director of New York City’s award-winning TITAN Theatre Company, directs the story of Richard's murderous path to the crown.

Thus I clothe my naked villany with old ends, stole not of holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil

  • -Richard III, Act I scene iii