Student Success Initiatives

Update - 6/18/2013

Over the course of summer 2013 the SGA leadership will be meeting with each college dean and the staff member who oversees advising in the college to identify specific areas that need major improvement. For most colleges it will be the need for more personnel, for some it will be organizational structure, and for others it will be the use of technology to enhance advising.

After this work is complete President Bandoh will compile a report that will be reviewed by SGA officers and the University Shared Governance Council (the leadership of SGA, Faculty Senate, and Staff Council).

We will then submit an agreed upon report at the end of the summer to the Provost. Our goal is to identify specific and targeted areas for improvement so that the administration makes investments in the right areas.

Addressing issues with academic advising is one of our top priorities. This and many other efforts are geared at improving our graduation and retention rates, and most importantly the support and success for all students at UH.

For more information regarding our ongoing efforts on academic advising please contact President Bandoh or Sen. DavĂ­d Ghably- Chair, Senate Committee on Academic Affairs. Thanks and Go Coogs!