Rebuild Cullen BLVD.

In July 2012 UH Student Body President Cedric Bandoh established the Rebuild Cullen Blvd. initiative to engage the City of Houston to repair Cullen Blvd., a major thoroughfare and entrance into the University of Houston, that is in dire need of repair. The initiative is assigned to the SGA Department of External Affairs.

In October 2012 49th administration Director of External Affairs Mark Solano works with the City of Houston Public Works department on a project that resulted in minor repairs to fix gaping potholes. Eight (8) asphalt patches are paved onto Cullen Blvd.

In December 2012 the Rebuild Cullen Blvd. Facebook page is launched to allow students and community members to voice concerns and to pressure the city to do a total repair and reconstruction of Cullen Blvd.

Like the page on Facebook and let our officials know about your Cullen Blvd. story!

For questions and/or information please contact the SGA Department of External Affairs at

A Tier One University should have Tier One roads.