Public Relations

Adrian Castillo

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations oversees internal and external communication and provides information to the student body for all the programs, initiatives, and resources offered by the student government. The Director of Public Relations serves as the liaison between the student government and campus and external media sources.

Adrian Castillo

Associate Director of Communications

  • SGA Communications & Media Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Oversight over online content and multimedia


Associate Director for Marketing

  • SGA Marketing campaigns & strategies
  • SGA Promotional Items
  • Oversight over social media, graphic design, and SGA Social Chairs

Dailey Hubbard

Photography Coordinator


Graphic Design Coordinator
Open Positions


Online Content Coordinator
Open Positions


Multimedia Coordinator

Social Chairs

Caitlin Hilton
Kaitlin Trahan

SGA Social Chairs are a dedicated, high energy cohesive group who create awareness using face-to-face interactions with a diverse student population regarding the activities of the Student Government Association. The SGA Social Chairs report directly to the Associate Director for Marketing.