Department of Justice

The UHSGA Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing the law, defending the interests of the Student Government Association, and ensuring the fair and impartial administration of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Student Government Association.

To file a formal complaint about an alleged Election Code violation, please complete the Election Code Violation Form.

Ariz Karim
Attorney General

The attorney general's primary responsibilities include nominating the election commissioner, evaluating complaints during the election season, evaluating the legality of actions taken by the executive, as well as engaging in investigative efforts during impeachment proceedings.

Deputy Attorney General

The deputy attorney assists the attorney general in their duties and takes managerial responsibilities in projects and task undertaken by the Department of Justice.

Crystal Tran
Student Government Auditor

The Office of the Student Government Auditor will regularly review transactions and receipts pertaining to the Student Government Association of the University of Houston, reporting all activity directly to the Attorney General.

Tala Odat
Solicitor General

The Office of the Solicitor General will be responsible for representing the interests of the Student Government Association and overseeing litigation on behalf of the Student Government Association in the Supreme Court and lower courts established under the Student Government Association.

Ayesha Muzaffar
Public Defender

The Office of the Public Defender will be responsible for providing counsel to any student brought before the Supreme Court or as a defendant in any lower court established under the Student Government Association.