The cabinet members serve as the President's senior leadership team and are heads of executive departments.

Winni Zhang
Student Body President

The Student Body President serves as the top student body representative to the university administration, Board of Regents, and Texas Legislature. The President is the head of the Student Government Association and leads the Executive Branch of SGA. The President initiates, develops, and sustains many policies, projects, and programs geared toward enhancing the quality of student experience on campus.

To contact the President, email the Chief of Staff at

Adrian Hernandez
Student Body Vice President
(832) 842-6227

The Student Body Vice President oversees and appoints all student representatives to all the university-wide committees, boards, and councils. The Vice President assists the President with policies, projects, and programs; and serves as the President in his/her absence.

Danielle Niangar
Chief of Staff
(713) 743-4630

The Chief of Staff serves as the senior advisor to the Student Body President and oversees all internal operations and staff of the Executive Branch. The Chief of Staff facilitates coordination and communication between the President and Student Government Association officers, leads the implementation of executive initiatives, and coordinates the SGA internship program.

Maddie Wilson

Maddie Wilson
Vice President Chief of Staff

The VP Chief of Staff will serve as a project manager for the Student Government Association. The VP Chief of staff will ensure that all projects are being planned and executed effectively. They will fill in for the Vice President in their absence.

Director of Public Relations
(832) 842-6230

The Director of Public Relations oversees internal and external communication and provides information to the student body for all the programs, initiatives, and resources offered by the student government. The Director of Public Relations serves as the liaison between the student government and campus and external media sources.

Director of External Affairs
(832) 842-6228

The Director of External Affairs represents the University of Houston student body and serves as a liaison between the university community, other universities, City of Houston, Harris County, and the State of Texas. The Director of External Affairs advocates on behalf of University of Houston students on issues concerning higher education and assists the organization on matters of governmental and community relations.

Director of Finance
(832) 842-6229

The Director of Finance develops the annual Student Government Association budget and oversees appropriations and maintenance of the SGA budget. The Director of Finance prepares the annual presentation and budget request for the Student Fee Advisory Committee.

Attorney General

The Attorney General advises the President and ensures the legality of legislation and activities of SGA with respect to the Constitution, Bylaws, and University policy. The Attorney General also appoints the Chief Election Commissioner and oversees the Election Commission.