Office of the President

Winni Zhang
Student Body President

The Student Body President serves as the top student body representative to the university administration, Board of Regents, and Texas Legislature. The President is the head of the Student Government Association and leads the Executive Branch of SGA. The President initiates, develops, and sustains many policies, projects, and programs geared toward enhancing the quality of student experience on campus.

To contact the President, email the Chief of Staff at

Adrian Hernandez
Student Body Vice President
(832) 842-6227

The Student Body Vice President oversees and appoints all student representatives to all the university-wide committees, boards, and councils. The Vice President assists the President with policies, projects, and programs; and serves as the President in his/her absence.

Ryan Ensmann
Senior Advisor to the President

The Senior Advisor to the President provides counsel to the Student Body President regarding Student Government Association policies, projects, and programs. The Senior Advisor also oversees a staff of Special Advisors that provide greater insight into specific departments on campus for the executive branch.