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Letter to Faculty & Staff

September 22, 2016

Dear University of Houston Faculty and Staff:

In 1993, Texas state legislation created the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC), a statewide annual effort that allows employees of universities and other state agencies to give to many of their favorite charities through a workplace giving campaign which features the option of payroll deduction. University of Houston employees have an outstanding tradition of participation in this annual campaign. From the start of SECC, our UH community has contributed over $1.3 million dollars that directly benefited local and national organizations and charities.

Charities eligible under the SECC campaign range from health and human services, environmental programs, human rights, and educational programs for children, to support programs for the elderly. There are local, state, and even national organizations. Many of these organizations have or will be assisting families and individuals who have lost their jobs or otherwise experienced deprivation. Each approved charity meets specific legal and operational standards that have been reviewed by teams of state employees so you can be confident that your contribution will be distributed to the organization and for the purpose that you select.

We know the Houston economy is better than that of most other areas; however, individual circumstances vary making it difficult for many of you to give. The recipients of services made possible by the campus SECC contributions appreciate the sacrifices and generosity of those who give. The UH family has always stepped forward to make our community better because we are part of the larger community. Last year UH faculty and staff contributed over $81,283.  We encourage you to please give serious consideration to making a contribution.  All gifts and pledges are totally voluntary.

To assist you with your gift decision we have created a website ( where you can find the following SECC resources:

Study the material carefully on the UH SECC website, or visit the Houston SECC website at  if you want additional information on a particular organization. We want you to make an informed choice, one that comes from the heart. At the end of the campaign we will let you how much was contributed.

The final deadline for giving and/or pledging is October 31, 2016. To learn how to obtain and fill out a pledge form, visit or call the Office of Community Relations and Institutional Access (CRIA) at 832-842-5090 for additional information. Where there is a college coordinator, you may receive additional notification and assistance. We apologize that pledge forms are not available online and that cash donations are not accepted. Thanks for your consideration and for your continued support.


Elwyn C. Lee
Vice President for Community Relations & Institutional Access
Johnathan Snow
President, UH Faculty Senate
Andy Moon
President, UH Staff Council