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Research Teams

Beverly Rymer

Executive Director


Dr. Benjamin Mull

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Javeria Kazi

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Financial Reporting

Grace Rosanes

Training & Education
Proposal Development
Proposal Submission Document Management
Negotiate & Accept Agmts.
Cost Center Set Up
Award & Subaward Administration
Technical Reporting
Initiate & Process Closeouts
Analyze, Manage & Adjust IDC
Invoices & Financial Reports
Process & Finalize Closeouts
Respond to Fiscal Audits
Effort Reporting
Collections on Sponsored Projects

Team Health and Science

NSM | Optometry | Pharmacy

Savannah Rappe

Denise McGuire (PHARM)

Barbara Hryc (OPT)

College-level RAs^

Dr. Stacy Smeal (NSM)
Dr. Christopher Grant (NSM)
Greg Chu (NSM)
Claire Laney (PHARM)

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Vanessa Stepney

Debborah Dowell

Sandy Brown (contracts)

green  purple

Darlene Irrobali 


TED: Team Education

GCSW | Education | CLASS | HRM | Law | Technology | UHS | VPSA| VPF&A | Athletics | Ed Tech/Univ Outreach | Public Safety | Honors College | IT | Library | PBS | VPAA | Nursing

Denise McGuire

Savannah Rappe (LAW)

Sarah Scott (TECH)

College-level RAs^
Angela Clifton (CLASS)
Lori Armstrong (EDUC)
Dr. Brooke Gowl (GCSW)
Amy Jones (EDUC)
Dr. Suzanne Kieffer (PSYC)
Fauzia Nisar (TIMES/PSYC)

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Melanese Philbert

Maira Gonzalez

Thomas Gavranovic (contracts)

College-level RAs^
Lisa Martinez (GCSW)

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Beverly Richard


DART: Diverse Academic Research Team

Architecture | Business | Engineering | VPR Centers

Barbara Hryc (ENG, VPR Ctrs)
Denise McGuire (Arch, Business)

College-level RAs^
Winsome Chee (ENG)
Rudy Razo (ENG)
Nathan Mortel (ENG)

blue  green

Judy Morris

Jennifer Potocki

Kimberly Jordan

Sandy Brown (contracts- VPR Ctrs)

Tom Gavranovic (contracts- ARCH, BUSI, ENG)

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Aida Hermosilla


Specialized Awards Administration

(outgoing subawards)
Dao Tran (closeouts)
DeSandra Torbor (effort reporting)
Brianna Johnson (collections and consortiums)

^ College-level Research Administrators (RAs) report to the Deans in their college.