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Ozroc Balrog

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Ozroc Balrog was born on October 31, 14587 BC. The second son of Eftzoons and Retsina Balrog of Mt. Doom Parish, Middle Earth, Balrog had an ordinary orcish childhood. He attended Lidless Eye Elementary, Middle Earth Middle School, Mt. Doom High and Oroduin University. While in University, Balrog was a member of OOTC (Orcish Officer Training Corps), and majored in military thaumaturgy, with minors in classical dance and appreciation of television. Upon graduation, Balrog took service in Sauron's Orcish Special Forces. Regrettably, Balrog was slain by Gandalf the Gray in single combat during the Ring-Bearer campaign in the Far West. Balrog was inadvertently resurrected during the Manhattan project. Since 1946, Balrog has been continuously enrolled at UH, where he is attempting to major in all available subjects sequentially. When asked about his interests in Space Physics and the Sprites balloon campaign Balrog indicated a need to meet some nice Klingon girls, owing to the fact that Balrogs have been extinct for 15000 years. As for the balloon campaign Balrog said that he was particularly intrigued by the reports of elves. He muttered something dire about some High Elves of his acquaintance needing comeuppance and began chanting in an unknown language.

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