For more information about the TEM sample preparation and analysis on the JEOL 2000FX contact Irene Rusakova.
For more information about the TEM sample preparation and analysis on the JEOL 2010FX contact Daxiang Huang.

The two JEOL TEMs (JEOL 2000 FX and JEOL JEM 2010F), operating at 200 kV, have imaging resolution of less than 3 . Both microscopes have EDX capabilities but with the capacity to analyze a much smaller area (down to 2 nm). The microscopes also have hot and cold stages so that structural changes may be studied in situ over a range of 77 to 1300K.

Electron Diffraction Patterns
  Diffraction patterns show whether a material is amorphous, polycrystalline, or a single crystal and illustrate the crystalline structure and other features (e.g. defects) of the material. A diffraction pattern may be obtained from an area as small as 2 nm in diameter.

Imaging Below the Nanoscale
  Conventional TEM imaging commonly employs diffraction contrast for studying objects in which details are more than 15 , a typical example is in imaging crystal defects. High-resolution TEM imaging shows details as small as 3 , employing phase contrast and is used in studies of lattice resolution and short-range order and for amorphous materials.

Observation of Magnetic Domains
  Lorenz microscopy images magnetic domains in ferromagnetic materials by defocusing the microscope so that domains that image dark when underfocused are much lighter when overfocused and vice-versa. The crystallographic orientations of the domain walls are found by study of diffraction patterns.


Transmission Electron Microscope


JEOL 2000 FX

[Bullet] 200Kev, 2.8A resolution
[Bullet] Link Ultra-thin Window Energy Dispersive Spectrometer
[Bullet] Link Beryllium Window Energy Dispersive Spectrometer)
[Bullet] Cryogenic, heating, and tensional sample holders


Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope

Main Features

[Bullet] Field Emission Gun
[Bullet] High Resolution Scanning TEM
[Bullet] Gatan Image Filter (GIF)
[Bullet] Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (Oxford EDX)

Field Emission JEOL 2010F


[Bullet] 200Kev, 1.9A resolution
[Bullet] Imaging: brightfield/darkfield, selected area diffraction, micro-beam diffraction, high dispersion diffraction
[Bullet] GIF system: EEL spectrum, element mapping, thickness mapping, spectrum images
[Bullet] STEM system: high angle annular darkfield images, high resolution Z-contrast images
[Bullet] EDX system: point chemical measurement (1nm scale), chemical mapping
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