Electron Microprobe Analysis




[Bullet] Four wavelength dispersive spectrometers
for quantitative elemental analysis
[Bullet] Beryllium window Energy Dispersive Spectrometer
[Bullet] Backscattered and secondary electron imaging
[Bullet] X-ray mapping
[Bullet] Stage automation for unattended operation
[Bullet] Analysis for elements from Be to U
[Bullet] On-line ZAF and Frz matrix corrections
[Bullet] Thin-film analysis
[Bullet] Upgraded system automation (1997) Geller Dqant

Precise Quantitative Analysis of Inorganic Materials

Wavelength dispersive spectrometry (WDS) has much greater ability to separate x-rays of similar energy than does energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS). The JEOL JXA8600 has four WDS systems that permit high-quality analysis of all elements from B to Th on a spot size area of less than 5 microns. Comparison of x-ray intensities with those determined on standards of known compositions provides high-quality chemical analyses in a relatively short time. Typical elemental analyses (at >1% levels) take three minutes (with up to four elements simultaneously determined) and have accuracy and precision of 1% relative or better. Analysis of elements present at lower concentrations take longer but contents <100 ppm are readily determined with better than 10% precision. All intensities are collected automatically and corrections performed on-line. EDS, which has advantages of speed of analysis and of little requirements in the way of sample preparation, is also available on this instrument for quick identification of the elements present in the samples.

X-ray Mapping

The microprobe also has secondary and backscattered electron imaging. It has the further ability to perform x-ray mapping. X-ray intensity information may be directed from each spectrometer to a computer as the electron beam scans over a sample to provide x-ray maps that indicate relative concentrations of elements in the target at a scale of down to about 1 micron.

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