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High Throughput Screening for Antimicrobial Dosing Regimens

The Innovation

The methods and computer-implemented systems for using computer simulations to predict likelihood of a cell population associated with a pathophysiological condition acquiring resistance to a therapeutic agent, to screen for therapeutic agents effective to suppress acquisition of resistance within a cell population and to treat the pathophysiological conditions associated therewith.

Competitive Edge

Holds great promise in accelerating / improving the development of antimicrobial agents. They have the capability to perform comprehensive screening of a large number of agent candidates to guide highly targeted testing. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of drug development will be enhanced.

Targeted Market

As a decision support tool to (1) evaluate the clinical utility of antimicrobial agents under development: continue / abandon research of potential lead compounds; (2) guide highly targeted testing of antimicrobial agent dosing regiments in pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.