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Imaging Facial Signs of Neuro-Physiological Responses

The Innovation

An integrated framework for measuring facial responses to stress by using the Galvanic Skin Response (a method for quantifying sweat gland activation in the palm) to show that, along with the palm area, strong sweat gland activation takes place in the maxillary area of the face. This may then be sensed and computed through thermal imaging. The framework analyzes three facial areas, periorbital, supraorbital, and maxillary.

Competitive Edge

This is the first time that the sympathetic importance of the maxillary area is analyzed.

The image analysis is grounded on GSR signals, which are still considered the golden standard in peripheral neurophysiological and psychophysiological studies.

Targeted Market

In the U.S. government for use in lie detection and in clinical use in peripheral neurophysiological studies.