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High Resolution Scanning Magnetic Imaging Method with Long Detection Ranges

The Innovation

A combination of several techniques has been invented to precisely determine the type, quantity, and location of targeted molecules that serve as indicators for diseases. The molecular specificity is achieved in magnetic sensing by using a force-induced remnant magnetization spectroscopy (FIRMS). The quantity and location information are obtained by a scanning magnetic imaging (SMI) method.

Competitive Advantages

  • Molecular signature is obtained for magnetic sensing for the first time.
  • High molecular specificity allows for distinguishing different antibodies, proteins, DNAs, and microRNAs.
  • Absolute quantification reaches zeptomole regime, or 1,000 – 10,000 molecules detection limit.
  • High spatial resolution and noninvasive detection.
  • Applicable for opaque samples and in vivo conditions.

Targeted Market

Biomedical diagnostics and services, pharmaceutical market, scientific instrumentation.

Intellectual Property

US issued patent 8,570,027.