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Nanocomposites of polymers with dispersed nanotubes

The Innovation

  • Composites of Carbon Nanotubes with Polyethylene oxide (PEO) to:
    • Increase Mechanical Strength
    • Provide Multifunctionality
  • A lithium based surfactant to aid in the dispersion:
    • Lithium is a known intercalant of Nanotubes (previously shown in liquid ammonia to react with the tubes)
    • We use aqueous route by the use of surfactant and the interactions being non-covalent.
    • Can form Crown – Ethers with the EO making it a very unique chemical species.

Competitive Edge

  • Nanocomposites with Percolation of SWNTs @ ~ 5 x 10-4 volume fraction
  • Significant decrease in the Crystallinity (from 60 % in original to < 20 % in NC with 0.001 SWNT) and Melting Temperature (from 65 oC to 30 oC) at 1Li:1000 PEO units.
  • Mechanical Properties: Young’s Modulus ~ 2.5 x larger than PEO at 0.001 SWNT.

Targeted Market

Battery manufacturers, biotechnology.