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Shape memory alloy actuated adaptive exhaust nozzle for jet engine

The Innovation

The proposed adaptive exhaust nozzle features an innovative use of the shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators for actively control of the opening area of the exhaust nozzle for jet engines. The SMA actuators remotely control the opening area of the exhaust nozzle through a set of mechanism. The functionality of the proposed SMA actuated adaptive exhaust nozzle is verified in the open-loop tests.

Competitive Edge

The invented SMA actuated adaptive exhaust nozzle utilizes improved and simplified SMA actuators in control of opening area of an exhaust nozzle to reduce the weight of the actuation system. An important advantage of using SMA actuators is the reduction of weight of the actuator system for variable area exhaust nozzle. Another advantage is that the SMA actuator can be activated using the heat from the exhaust and eliminate the need of other energy source. A prototype has been designed and fabricated.

Targeted Market

Aircraft manufacturers, Navy and Airforce.