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Zeolite compositions and methods for tailoring Zeolite Crystal habits with growth modifiers

The Innovation

A new technique for synthesizing zeolite crystals involving the addition of a single or multiple molecules (or macromolecules) to the synthesis mixture. These additives operate as inhibitors of zeolite growth via a preferential binding to specific crystallographic faces, wherein the growth rate perpendicular to the face of binding is altered.

Competitive Edge

  • Remarkable control of zeolite crystal habit (i.e. size, shape, orientation) and surface structure (i.e. density and orientation of step, terrace, and kink sites).
  • Rational design of zeolites with predictable structural outcomes.
  • Method can be used as a generalize approach in microporous materials synthesis to engineer crystals with optimal properties for applications.

Targeted Market

Suitable for the ubiquitous application of zeolites in catalytic processes, notably in the petrochemical industry, as well as a host of potential applications (e.g. membranes, sensors, gas adsorption, etc.)