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Low Temperature Hydrothermal Method to Synthesize Polycrystalline BaMF4(M=Mg,Co,Ni and Zn)

The Innovation

Our method provides an easy and cost effective synthesis of bulk BaMF4. Once synthesized in bulk, the materials could be used as targets for thin film growth, color pigments, and other uses. The method is highly innovative as reagents are placed in a simple one-pot pressure vessel and processed for 2 days. The method is straightforward, efficient and scalable to produce large quantities of the technologically important materials.

Competitive Advantage

  • Cost effective: Reagents are 25 – 50¢ per gram; pressure vessel ~ $75 (re-usable).
  • Low temperature: 230°C
  • Simple and straightforward: ‘One-pot’ synthesis
  • High yield and pure product: ~ 90% yield and a pure polycrystalline product is formed.
  • Method is safe and scalable, and product recovery is trivial

Targeted Market

Chemical reagent manufacturers.