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The Office of Research Development (ORD) provides faculty assistance in identifying sponsors and funding opportunities, coalescing interdisciplinary teams, and, in conjunction with the Pre-Award Section of the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG), proposal preparation and submission.

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(Pivot can be accessed on campus from any UH network computer. Off-campus access and the ability to save searches and opportunities requires a Pivot account, which can be obtained by signing up using a UH email address.)

Pivot is a tool that connects researchers to available funding opportunities from a variety of sponsors, including public, private, and foundations. Capabilities of Pivot include access to a comprehensive source of funding opportunities globally, ability to connect to researcher expertise from within or outside of the University of Houston, and communication, monitoring, and tracking of funding opportunities among individual faculty, teams, or researchers and the UH Office of Research Development. To assist you with familiarizing yourself with Pivot, refer to the Pivot Quick Start Guide (PDF).

Grant Opportunities with Limited Submission

Limited submission proposals have some form of limitation imposed by the sponsor on the number and/or type of proposals an institution may submit in response to a particular funding opportunity announcement. The Division of Research monitors funding opportunity announcements and, when a limited submission stipulation exists, coordinates a pre-proposal process to determine which proposal(s) UH will submit to the sponsor.

Internal Awards

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The University of Houston provides internal awards to support the development of research within the university through the following:

The Division of Research supports the development of new Core Facilities and enhancement of existing Core Facilities to advance the research infrastructure at UH. Core Facilities are defined as research instrumentation, laboratories, or facilities that will be used by a broad group of researchers within and outside UH. Researchers seeking Core Facility support of more than or equal to $400K may request these funds directly from the Vice President for Research on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Funding Sources

National, Organizations and Foundations: