Statistical Reports

The reports provided below are university-wide reports. For certain customized reports, faculty and staff may be able to use RAMP or RD2K. To request a customized report, contact Nancy Ward.

Recent Award Recipients

Weekly Recipients (August 10, 2014 to August 16, 2014)
Dr. Renu Khator Dean, Engineering $3,299,065
Dr. Heather Anderson Optometry, Community $1,667,875
Dr. John C. Wolfe Electrical and Computer Engineering $428,406
Dr. Vincent Donnelly Chemical Engineering $374,463
Dr. Saurabh Prasad Electrical & Computer Engineering $294,918
Dr. Yonghong Yan Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems $249,875
Dr. Ashutosh Agrawal Mechanical Engineering $226,605
Dr. Deniz Gurkan Engineering Technology $135,628
Dr. Barry Lefer Earth and Atmospheric Sciences $109,635
Dr. H. Jerome Freiberg Consistency Mgmt and Coop Disc $86,000
Dr. Nicolas Kanellos Arte Publico Press $67,867
Dr. H. Jerome Freiberg Consistency Mgmt and Coop Disc $58,001
Dr. David Francis TIMES $20,700
Dr. Hanadi Rifai SSPEED $15,100
Weekly Recipients (August 3, 2014 to August 9, 2014)
Dr. Preethi Gunaratne Biology/Biochemistry $70,000
Ms. Claudia Schmuckli Blaffer Gallery $38,444
Dr. Natalie M. Houston English $7,109
Dr. Malachi Crawford African-American Studies $4,000

Statistical Overviews

All links open PDF reports.

UH Overview, Five-Year Summaries
UH Overview, Fiscal-Year-to-Date
UH Overview, by Month
College Overview, Fiscal-Year-to-Date
College-Faculty Overview, Monthly Report
Indirect Cost Reports

Licensing Income

  • FY2008: $1,127,214
  • FY2009: $1,952,557
  • FY2010: $4,351,111
  • FY2011: $8,861,112
  • FY2012: $12,523,974
  • FY2013: $16,587,728