Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC) located?

CRWC is located at the main entrance to the University of Houston on the corner of University Drive and Calhoun Blvd.

Address: 4500 University Drive
Houston, Texas 77204-6056

CRWC Welcome Desk phone number 713/743-7529 (PLAY)
Administrative offices phone number 713/743-9500

Who is eligible to purchase a CRWC membership?
Faculty/Staff, Retired Faculty/Staff, Alumni, and UH Affiliates are eligible to purchase a membership. UH Main Campus students  who have paid their full fees are automatically members. Students taking only online classes will need to purchase a membership separately. Cougar Cards must be provided when purchasing a membership.

How can I pay for a membership?
Currently enrolled University of Houston students are members of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. 
Faculty/Staff on the UH payroll system may pay for their membership by either enrolling in payroll deduction or pre-paying for their annual membership.

All others may pay cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for payment.

What about my family? Can they become a member also? 
CRWC members may sponsor up to 3 adults: both parents, spouse, or other adults living in the same household. Documentation is required to verify sponsorship eligibility. To view acceptable documentation, please visit the Sponsored Membership page.

Who can sponsor me?
Any CRWC primary member living in the same household as you, can sponsor you as a member or as a guest. Different docutation is required if you are being sponsor as a member versus a guest. See Sponsored Membership page.

Can I bring a guest?
CRWC members may bring up to 3 guests per day. Passes may be purchased at the Welcome Desk – Member Services; $10 for adults and $5 for children. Guests must bring a picture ID, no other documentation is required for a day pass. Guests are not allowed to rent equipment with the exception of climbing equipment. For more information, please see day pass.

Where can I park?
A parking pass is not included in your CRWC membership fees. If you do not have a University of Houston Parking Permit, you may purchase a garage permit through the CRWC. For metered and garage parking, please click the Parking and Transportation webpage for more inforamtion.

If I am a guest/sponsored member, where can I purchase a parking permit?
A parking pass is not included in your CRWC membership fees. If you do not have a University of Houston Parking Permit, you may purchase a garage permit through the CRWC. For metered and garage parking please click the  Parking and Transportation webpage for more inforamtion.

When is the CRWC open?
See Hours

As a member, what type(s) of programs can I participate in?

  • Aquatics 713/743-7946
  • Intramural Sports – 713/743-9506
  • Group Fitness – 713/743-9503
  • Sport Clubs – 713/743-9511
  • Outdoor Adventure - 713/743-9512

What is inside the CRWC?

  • Up to 5 basketball courts
  • Up to 5 volleyball courts
  • 4 badminton courts
  • 6 racquetball court
  • 2 Int’l squash courts
  • Fitness Zone
  • Natatorium
  • Outdoor Lesiure Pool with Sand Volleyball Court
  • Social area
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Mutli-Activity Court- (MAC) (indoor soccer, indoor roller hockey and special events)

What other services are available?

  • Day use lockers are located throughout the facility at no cost.
  • CRWC member may rent a locker for the semester located in the locker room.
    • Options: Men, Women and Family Locker room for showering and changing.
  • Shower towel service is available for an additional fee.
  • Aquatic/Safety courses are available for members and non-members.
  • Outdoor Adventure – rental shop – equipment and gear. (add’tl fees).
  • Equipment checkout is available to CRWC members:
    • Balls – basketball, volleyball, soccer, shuttlecocks, squash
    • Rackets – racquetball, badminton, tennis, squash
    • Work-out Towel

Can I rent or reserve space for a special event?
To rent a space in the CRWC for a specific activity or event, click on the reservations page.

Do I need to reserve a time to play on the courts?

  • Racquetball/squash – First come, first serve.
  • Basketball – First come, first serve.
  • Volleyball – You must have 6 or more people wanting to play, then ask the Welcome Desk to set up. However, the 6 person rule applies at any time and is at the discretion of the building supervisor. If there is only one or two open courts (due to sport club practices or intramurals, etc.) the supervisor may decide it is not in the best interest of all patrons to set up volleyball.
  • Badminton – First come, first serve. Badminton will always be set up on Main 3 with the exception of reservations, tournaments, or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Multi-Activity Court (MAC) – First come, first serve unless there is a reservation or other event scheduled in the area.