Lockers in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Locker Room are available in a half size Z-style and may be rented for the fiscal year or by the semester. Any open lockers are made available for rental beginning the Thursday prior to the first class day of each semester.

The CRWC Welcome Desk – Member Services accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for payment.

The last date to renew lockers will be clearly posted in each of the entrance of the locker rooms. CRWC lockers that have not been renewed by the requested date will be cleared and rented to a new user. A CRWC Membership is required in order to rent lockers in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Locker Rates:

  • $45 for fiscal year (September – August)
  • $20 for one semester

Locker Expiration Dates:

  • Fall – December 15th
  • Spring – May 15th
  • Annual /Summer – August 15th

Free day lockers for CRWC users are available on a first come, first serve basis. Day Lockers are located close to the Leisure Pool/Outdoor Adventure office, by the basketball and racquetball courts, and upstairs on the second floor in the Fitness Zone.


The Bath towel Service provides you with one clean bath towel in exchange for dirty towel. Bath towel service can be purchased at the CRWC Welcome Desk – Membership services.

Towel Service:

  • $26 for fiscal year (September – August)
  • $12 for one semester

Towel Service Expiration Date:

  • Fall – December 23rd
  • Spring – May 15th
  • Annual / Summer – August 15th

A work out towel is required in the Fitness Zone. Please stop by the Welcome Desk and check out a workout towel. This service is provided with your membership. You will need to provide your one card/membership card at the desk.